Dopplr adds automated trip updates

Dopplr has finally added three key features that have kept it short of TripIt in terms of ease of use. With their newest update, Matt Jones writes, that you are now able to add trips through Twitter, SMS and e-mail.

Twitter and SMS automations work alike, you need to send a private message to the Dopplr bot and it will add your trips to your account (after you've activated your account to support these of course). Lastly, the email update works just as Tripit's trip updater - you send the itinerary/confirmation received from your airline to Dopplr and they will update the trips accordingly to your account. This has been a major shortcoming in terms of adding new trips and will surely speed things up in the future.

Another question to ask is; Will Dopplr be looking forwards to integrating itself closer to Tripit and possibly looking for an early sell-off?

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