Successful And Buzzing ArcticEvening

We had a fantastic ArcticEvening last night at Dubrovnik in Helsinki and I want to thank everybody who were able to arrive and enjoy the evening with us. Special thanks to Peter Robinett who came all the way from Amsterdam to share his insights on the local startup scene in Amsterdam and in Silicon Valley. Also thanks for our sponsor Technopolis Ventures who made the evening possible.

Based on what I saw last night in Helsinki and heard about the other corners of Nordic and Baltic countries the Arctic scene is very much happening. It is great to see that regardless of the tougher times for the global economy and Jason Calacanis' darker prediction on things to come, the enthusiasm and spirit is high in the Arctic latitudes.

As Jason says, "Great entrepreneurs build value and market-share in down markets. They go to work seven days a week and breakout when other folks check out." Last night showed that this is certainly the case in Helsinki. We are very proud of the entrepreneurs, startups and all the high spirited people in Finland -You made our night. Thank you!

Photo by Teppo Kotirinta

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Jon Martin October 03, 2008

Sounds great. I'm really sad I missed it. I was actually all set to come before domestic bliss prevented me (believe it or not, my wife managed to throw her phone in a bin in Sello and not notice, meaning I had no way to contact her!). Such is life.

Regarding Calacanis, this whole financial mess could be an opportunity for Europe and Finland imparticular. Several of my very smart and capable friends from university went to work in the City (of London) and it's very hard to quit your job and start a company when it means turning down an enormous pay packet. With bonuses (and jobs) disappearing we should see a bit of an exodus and lot's of these guys have money too.

Second, if the papers are to be believed, Finland might be one place to escape relatively unscathed by the financial crisis, which makes it easier to attract people here and more importantly, one place where it might not be so hard to raise capital - though that's never been especially easy.

Tommi Rissanen, October 03, 2008

I want to thank the Arctic guys and everybody present yesterday evening. The evening was awesome. It is very encouraging to see so many startups full of ideas and, most importantly, ready to share the ideas and collaborate with others. It is also remarkable to see the increasing interest of serial entrepreurs and others that have seen a lot of this and more about that.

I also see a great opportunity for "Arctic" startups despite - and partly because of - the global financial crisis. All we need to do is continue on the same tempo and self-confidence that could be felt yeaterday evening.

Kristoffer Lawson October 03, 2008

This was again an outstanding event with fantastic people. There's good enough vibe there to compete with anything beyond Finland, so let's just try to get our products out there.

Christoffer Landtman, October 03, 2008

Ville, Antti, the whole Arctic Startup team: an enormous thank you for yesterday's excellent event. It's great to see that there is such a vivid entrepreneurial scene in Helsinki - something that looked completely different only two or three years ago; and i reckon much of the gathered mass is thanks to events like yours! We, the entrepreneurs in Helsinki and around owe you guys a great deal. Keep up your excellent work.

vilpponen2 October 03, 2008

Cheers guys, really appreciate the comments here. I'm very honored to be running these events with the fabolous team we have - thanks to Miikka and Ville as well.

But like I said last night, you ain't seen the last of us :)