IdeaForum 2008 Pitch Competition Open - Good Prizes

IdeaForum is a pitching competition being organised by Venture Cup Finland on the 29th of October in Helsinki. The idea is simple of course, you have two minutes to pitch your idea to a group of investors (the jury) and you cannot use any additional materials, except for a piece of paper (or perhaps you have the product available at hand).

If you wish to participate, you should send in your details by the 27th of October to this address including participant's name, phone number and the idea that is going to be presented. Participants will be contacted by phone. The grand prize for two minutes' of work is 1000€.

The jury is made up of five people, Moaffak Ahmed (Veturi Growth Partners), Teemu Seppälä (Helsinki University of Technology/Innovation centre), Petri Laine (Vera Venture), Juho Kinnunen (Eqvitec) and Antti Vilpponen (ArcticStartup). More information on the event here (the english part is at the bottom).

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Jon Martin October 08, 2008

Is there any protection for business ideas or is it best to pitch one you don't mind someone stealing ;)

kalleairo October 09, 2008

Jon, it's best to pitch an idea you don’t mind someone stealing. All pitches are given in front of both live audience and the jury.