Sulake Enjoys A Slight Profit For 2008

Sulake Corporation logoAccording to Kauppalehti, Sulake Corporation's 2008 was by a small margin a profitable one. The group of companies turned over 50,1 million euros and managed to create a 1 million euro profit on it. The company's earnings before tax were still in the red, but the IFRS calculated tax receivables turned the company statements profitable. The company has been injected with some 45 million euros of investor money of which some 20 million euros have been put aside for the losses of the previous years.

Sulake Corporation Oy made a 41,2 million euro turnover with 3,5 million euro loss. Sulake Dynamoid, which is the company behind IRC-Galleria, one of the most popular teenage destinations online in Finland, has managed to grind a 0,3 million euro profit with about 5,4 million euro turnover.

Sulake Corporation, is the company behind the popular web service Habbo Hotel. Habbo Hotels can be found in 31 countries and in 11 different languages. The service is visited by some 11,5 million unique visitors each month.

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