Mobile Dev Camp Brings Mobile Developers To Helsinki

Mobile Dev Camp is coming to Helsinki on February 27. The second time this event brings together all the mobile developers across the region to hear about the latest trends, meet the other mobile honchos and, well, to develop for mobile platforms.

The event was born from the realization that the hey days of mobile phone manufacturing where behind us here in Finland. Regardless, or maybe because of it, the country is full know how on mobile service development and people with skills to match.

The two themes of the evening of 27th are cross-platform development and mobile apps versus the mobile internet. A timely topics given the state of the web. This means key note presentations, workshops and a MobileDevCamp-Challenge competition. And a hell of a party if its anything like last year.

MobileDevCamp is an event by developers for developers. The people putting the event together are all cool cats from the Helsinki startup scene and include Kai Lemmetty (ex-Floobs and now putting together a  mysterious new startup), Mikko Hämäläinen and Andreas Karlsson from Grey Area fame and Mike Bradshaw, who also organizes BarCamps in Helsinki.

The event is held in English, has FREE entrance all included and will take place at Arcada in Helsinki.

You can see the day's agenda here and sign up here. If you're reading this blog, the chances are this is one of the best events in Helsinki for you in 2010. Don't miss it!

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Nabin Nepal, February 23, 2010

I am really looking forward to this event. I have a keen interest in the mobile computing scenario especially with cross-paltform development, it will be more exciting.I am looking for some tips of agile and relatively quick development of native mobile apps and mobile web app(in django?) especially with PYTHON.

Is there going to be some discussion on MEEGO platform development. I read they will be using Qt , possibly Direct UI framework.I have also read that development can be done in QML. or plain QT also...So which one is better!!!!.. For python GUI, I see PyQt at the moment, but there is PySide from Nokia which i read might be some differences again. But again PySide is still in development and there are no tutorials or books on it.So its a bit confusing at the moment!!!

Also how about Windows mobile 7. Is there a possibility of making apps for it in Qt?
Lots of things happening in the mobile dev enviornment.Especially with MEEGO and revolutionary UI concepts like Rdux.Really cool concept where CONTENT is the KING.Is that UI also made with Qt?

Is there some kind of forums or even start up ventures that have a focus especially on mobile development star up support.

Finally i am in really looking forward for some possible enterprenual partnership in the mobile app development, standalone apps, mobile or real time web or some sensor networks in the future...I am open to having conversation and discussion with any one interested!! Sorry for my long comment!!!Will really appreciate answers and feedback to my questions and requests.