Tero Ojanperä Leaves Nokia To Work With Vision+

Tero Ojanperä (pictured left), a member of the Nokia Leadership Team, will be leaving the company. Forget all the drama that you always affiliate with top executives changing jobs - this sounds really good actually. Ojanperä will be actually moving to work as a partner with Vision+, an investment fund that will be investing into mobile applications to foster the development of the Windows Phone ecosystem.

According to the press release, Ojanperä has built a long career inside Nokia, 21 years to be exact. Ojanperä has been working as the Executive Vice President of Services will leave the company at the end of September.

In another press release, Nokia has stated it will collaborate with Vision+ to invest in innovative products. The fund will be independently run, with Ojanperä as a partner as mentioned earlier.

"My new role at Vision+ will give me a fantastic opportunity to leverage my strong industry relationships and versatile experience built up within Nokia and the surrounding mobile ecosystem. Vision+ will be able to provide support to developers and entrepreneurs when they plan to introduce the best visions and product concepts into global and local markets. I look forward working together with these companies targeting to monetize their great ideas," Tero Ojanperä states.

The new fund will work in a similar fashion as the Mediatonic fund, we've covered earlier, that it will let the entrepreneurs keep the IP, but will take a cut of future revenues in return for the investment.

For more information on the fund and it's mission, check out their website at http://www.visionplus.fi/.

Image by NandorFejer.

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Lauri Gröhn August 31, 2011

Ojanperä is one of the failures in Nokia. He was incompetent for many of his jobs. This is one of the main reason why Nokia has failed in sofware:

"A highly respected authority on radio access technologies, Tero Ojanperä spearheaded several radio systems research efforts around wideband CDMA, GSM and US TDMA mobile protocols within Nokia."

Highly compotent but on a wrong business...

laurent August 31, 2011

Couldn't agree more with you Lauri. And trust me, the whole top layer leading the Service Unit was no better...

Anyway, Vision + concept seems to be about pumping money into a soon to be great eco-system.
Too bad this has failed with OVI and I don't see how it can work now: either you have a great developer offering (easy to develop platform, good monetization schema, good analytics and easy to deal with integration) and you will be attractive, or your don't, and you'll just lure yourself thinking money will flat out basic developer platform offering...