Muxlim Shuts Down, Promotes Biography

The Helsinki-based social network site aimed at the world's muslim community, Muxlim, has shut down and now points to, a teaser page for founder Mohamed El-Fatatry's new biography authored by David Cord. I spoke on the phone with El-Fatatry who gave me this official statement on the shutdown of the social network: "The Muxlim vision will carry on in a new way moving forward, and all the details of the story will be published in the book: Mohamed 2.0 - Disruption Manifesto."

The book is set to come out March or April, which is when we assume the site will come back up. I imagine El-Fatatry has calculated the cost of alienating users to promote his book, so it will be interesting to see what tricks he has up his sleeve to bring them back in a couple months.

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Juho Makkonen February 06, 2012

Greg, do you have some inside information that would back up the fact that the site will actually be back up at some point? I'm kinda guessing the only reason they close it is that they no longer have resources to keep it up (according to Kauppalehti they've been losing a lot of money these past years

Mattias February 06, 2012

There is a great chance to talk to Mo himself next week at "The Finnish Miracle" event on Feb 16th @17-20, free to join.

More info at

Greg Anderson February 06, 2012

Hi Juho,

When I asked Mohamed about the future of the site he gave me the quote above, which implies to me that a similar service will return in its place. As far as the reason for the shutdown goes, Mohamed clarified from the Kauppalehti article that this is a calculated move and not a rash decision, but the reported operating losses probably played a good part in it.

Tuomas Maisala February 07, 2012

No insight on this move. As the domain appears to be Muxlimproperty, I believe the first lead investor Rite Ventures (SWE) (or any later investor who has set rules in the shareholders agreement) has agreed on this move. Maybe book will tell why raising a new financing round did not succeed.

Muxlim was a client of Otaniemi business incubation program at the time the company got started. Back then, it was bold move for Mohammed as developing a muslim online community in Finland was not an easy sell for Finnish public financiers.

ian February 07, 2012

Muxlim website was a totally failure to have non muslim who wants some friends.
Muxlim website was in violation of the Hosting website Terms of services it has got these BANNED BANNED

This is greedy! they have one website not two!

I have been a victim of the website who do racist remarks against me