BusyFlow Launches Publicly At London Web Summit

BusyFlow has launched their cloud apps management solution publicly at the London Web Summit today. The Lithuania-based cloud platform has created a service to efficiently manage cloud applications in a team setting, allowing multiple users to juggle files, notes, and tasks. With the news of their launch, BusyFlow also points out they've updated the look of their platform, and has added a few tweaks, like allowing you to attach a Dropbox file directly to a wall post or a Pivitol Tracker story.

Busyflow supports a variety of cloud applications, including Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Pivitol Tracker, Google Tasks, and Github, with plans of adding Basecamp and Yammer soon.

The service provides a newsfeed of all the activity going on in your teams apps, and gives users a wall for each project to discuss issues with your team. Busyflow calls each of these workspaces a Hive (going with the bee theme). A free plan allows three users and one hive and at the high end, the Unlimited plan runs at $3/user/month.

If you find yourself wishing your team could more easily interact and communicate about cloud services, BusyFlow may be worth checking out.

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Andyg March 19, 2012

Awful communication, useless tool. Who can use it?

naktinis March 19, 2012

Andyg, BusyFlow is for teams and individuals using just too many great web tools. The problem that we are trying to solve is having to manage 7 or more web apps in a project.

The idea is that you would spend ~80% time performing simple tasks in BusyFlow and for complex tasks you would switch to the original apps.

Any advice on communication? :)

Jaro March 19, 2012

Today BusyFlow is extremely excited to announce that we are going public with our beta right here at the London Web Summit! Yes, that’s right!

Jaro March 20, 2012

Andyg, BusyFlow is for teams and individuals that use just too many great web apps.

The idea is that ~80% of time you can act on your items from within BusyFlow, and for more complex tasks you should switch to the original apps. Also, managers sometimes have to work on multiple projects with different tools in BusyFlow they can have a good overview of what's happening.