Breaking: Supercell Raises $12M from Accel Partners

Finnish game developer Supercell announced that it secured an investment of $12 million from Accel Partners, the leading global venture capital firm with a wealth of experience in the gaming industry. This is really great news for a gaming company that was founded only in June 2010. Their first game, Gunshine, was released this February as a closed beta and has proven to be quite addictive among the first adopters. Gunshine is described as a game that bridges the gap between browser-based massively-multiplayer games and social games, with deep online gameplay and extensive social features. Now that the product is about to enter open beta and will become available for everyone to play, the investment will help Supercell accelerate its growth, expand its team and also release new games and target new platforms.

Supercell's team includes gaming industry veterans, each with 10+ years of experience, who have collectively developed more than 165 games across 12 platforms. They mark their target groups as gamers who want online browser-based games that are bigger in scope than most of the social games, but less involved than massively-multiplayer games.

Accel Partners have previously invested into Rovio (Angry Birds), Playfish, Gameforge and Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) as well as into consumer internet success stories like Facebook, Groupon and Kayak. Klaas Kersting, founder of German browser-game giant Gameforge and currently CEO of Flaregames has also invested in the round, as did London Venture Partners, one of Supercell's previous investors. The other previous investors of the company include Initial Capital, Cerval Investments and Lifeline Ventures.

Kevin Comolli, a Partner in the London office of Accel, will join the Supercell Board of Directors. Comolli previously led Accel’s investment in Playfish where he served on the Board of Directors. 'We are thrilled to be investors in Supercell and to be working with this incredibly talented and experienced team. We enthusiastically share their conviction regarding the opportunity to develop a new category of online games.'

Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell, commented: 'We are proud to have Accel and Mr.Kersting as investors. Given Accel’s extensive experience and track record in gaming, internet and social media, their investment is a powerful endorsement of Supercell’s vision of combining the power of social networks with deep and immersive core games that are instantly accessible from anywhere, anytime.'

Congratulations to the team!

Below is Gunshine's open beta trailer.

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