Founders House Opens Its Doors To (Some) Startups

This week Danish entrepreneurs in Copenhagen celebrated the creation of Founders House, a new co-working space for start-ups. The space was created by 5 serial entrepreneurs because they felt Copenhagen was missing  'a coworking space exclusively for talented die-hard tech entrepreneurs', as they state on the Founder's House homepage. People behind the project include Simon Schock and Michael Clausen, co-founders of Sortedam Ventures and 4 other start-ups that are now residents of Founders House. Tine Thygesen, former CEO of Venture Cup Denmark and 23video and one of the co-fouders of Everplaces. Another founder of Everplaces, Angelica Vargas, is the fourth person behind Founders House. Last but not least, Christian Risom, co-founder of Shape (now part of Founders House) and two other start-ups: Bronco and Importles.

Founders House's appeal is created through exclusivity. The space is invitation-only and it is not free either (renting space in a shared room would cost 5,000 DKK a month or roughly 670 €). Start-ups that have their offices in Founders House are hand-picked by the founders of the space. As the website boldly states: 'there is no first-in-first-served concept, no waiting list, no fairness principle or selection criteria'.

However, some ground rules for being chosen are outlined. To be part of Founders House start-ups need to work on software or mobile technologies, be serious and passionate about their venture, have some useful skills that would enrich the community and generally be nice, social people.

Seems like a reasonable criteria for creating a great atmosphere. In the end, the whole point of having a co-working space like that is to share expertise and motivate each other. Being selective about membership is one of the most effective ways to nurture such atmosphere.

There are currently 12 start-ups residing in the Founders House. It is not specified how big the space is and how much room there is left for other start-ups to move in. However, Founders House promises to host workshops and social events at their premises that would be open to non-residents of the premises.

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