Hosting Music In GoogleDocs

Music storing and sharing is the last thing I associate with Google Docs. Yet there is a Finnish company –Spinlet - that recently launched a service to do just that. Spinlet does not offer music itself but it provides tools to listen to it and share it with friends. How it works is you upload the music you have from your computer to GoogleDocs and then download it through Spinlet to your mobile phone. Once you download the application to your mobile phone  you can manage and search tracks as well as create playlists. Complying with the current fashion, Spinlet is also integrated with major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Brightkite.

Sami Leino, CEO of Spinlet, founded the company already in 2006 but spent a few years experimenting with various music players. Spinlet is currently in beta and the company aims to release a ‘Spinlet Music Suite’ by the end of the year. The package would include a web app and a mobile app for all major mobile operating systems. Spinlet is partially self-funded by Sami and his partner Kimmo Kärkkäinen and the company receives resources from an angel investor Vendep Oy. The team is looking for more funds once the product is fully launched early next year.

Storing music in GoogleDocs is an interesting idea. However, there are already many streaming and downloading services for computers and mobile phones. For instance, Spotify offers free music streaming for computers and phones as well as an offline mode for 9,99€ a month, which allows you to choose from millions of songs that come with the service. With Spinlet, you’d have to first purchase the music from somewhere, upload it to GoogleDocs and only then download it to your phone. This is more costly and time-consuming. In fact, with the new N8 phone that I got for testing from Nokia I can download millions of songs from all major labels and keep them forever. Spinlet would offer me less and include brand placements and other ads in the process.

Nevertheless, the service is already used in 36 countries. According to the founders the growth is coming from the Far-East. Perhaps in developing countries, where the environment is different, this type of service can be a real hit!

Spinlet - Music Cloud with Google Docs

Photo by _Morrissey_

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