Nokia Goes NFC: First NFC Enabled App In Ovi Store

A recent update to Nokia's Symbian operating system (called Anna) activates the NFC chip installed in their C7 phone and the first application featuring NFC technologies has just been added to Ovi Store. Xchange app lets user exchange business cards, photos and other information by touching other NFC-enabled devices. After the touch, information is sent to users by email and contact details are automatically saved in the contacts section. Symbian's update signifies Nokia's efforts to reassure developers and consumers that the company is not abandoning the platform and is going to support it until at least until 2016. 

Jayden Khakurel, CEO of Aditux (a Finnish company behind Xchange) told NFC Times that the latest update to the platform encourages Symbian developers to build NFC apps for the platform since more NFC-enabled Nokia devices are bound to come out soon. At the moment the market for NFC applications is fairly small and is mostly concentrated around business clients. With Nokia C7 enabling NFC and more devices to follow, the market is bound to grow, giving a fresh look to the Symbian platform.

Nokia has been developing services around NFC for some time now. In a recent move to promote the technology, Nokia launched a project with Rovio where Nokia smartphone users can unlock new levels of Angry Birds by pressing their phones together. During this summer Nokia also launched NFC Hub, an online store with NFC-enabled phones, tags and stickers.

Near field communication is a rising trend in mobile industry and working around it signifies progressive thinking. There are so many ways the technology can be used that we are bound to see many interesting NFC apps developed in the near future. Xchange is one such example: in this day and age, it seems only natural to abandon paper and exchange  business cards with images by swiftly tapping phones together.

Image taken from NFC Congress 2011

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