Playmysong Now In Hollywood

Playmysong, a Finnish start-up that lets visitors in venues choose songs to be played there, launched their service in the Roxy Theater, one of the most legendary rock clubs in Los Angeles. Playmysong ventured to US earlier this spring, their first location being Overlook NYC bar in New York. Roxy Theater is the first location to use the service in California. Getting an impressive venue like that to use Playmysong is a huge bonus when it comes to customer acquisition.

Guests of the venues that use the service can request songs of their preference through an iPhone app or directly through Playmysong's website. The service is free for users as well as for venues. Though if venues want to have more control over managing playlists (schedule playlist options to create differnt moods, use autoplay features) or make their location easily visible for users, they'd need to cash out 299€ a year for a premium subscription. But even with a free subscription venues can choose which songs guests can play and set limits on how many times a song is played.

Cafes, bars and clubs are Playmysong's primary customers naturally because these public places inevitably play music throughout the day. But Timo Kari, co-founder and CTO, points out that the service can be useful in other public places like offices or sports centers and even in the privacy of homes. Though it is harder to make a business out of these use cases since background music is not always a given there and people in these type of venues are often equipped with a multitude of devices to listen to their own music.

While having Roxy Theater as a user is a great milestone for Playmysong, it should only be the beginning. Unless the service spreads to other venues or becomes a heavily utilized feature of the club, this truimph will fade with time. Playmysong also needs to get a critical mass of premium subscribers to make a real business out of their free app. But if the company has come this far, it should be able to expand their reach further and extensively monetize their service.

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