SoundCloud Reaches 10 Million Users

SoundCloud has just announced it has reached 10 million users. SoundCloud is a music startup currently in Berlin, but its roots lay in Sweden where its two co-founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss are from. We've covered the music service in the past as well a couple of times and they've definitely been one of the more interesting startups in Europe in the recent months. Just a few weeks ago the company closed a, reportedly, $50 million finance round.

Also in the blog post promoting the round figure, the company released some other interesting statistics.

  • Sound is mobile: Over 5 million official SoundCloud apps have been downloaded
  • Sound is developing: Over 10,000 apps being developed on SoundCloud’s open platform. Recent additions include integrations with professional music creation software Pro Tools and Cakewalk.
  • Sound is more than music: Over 3.3 million different tags show the breadth of sounds on SoundCloud, which now includes everything from journalists & bloggers, to publishing, to education.

It is definitely an interesting time for the company, looking forwards. With a relatively large amount of cash, they're certainly ready to take over the domain of sound.

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