Thinglink Launches Rich Media Tags

ThinglinkThinglink expanded their reach with a new Rich Media Tags tool that adds content and functionality of other websites and social media to any image. In other words, Thinglinked images would allow users to interact with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Spotify, Vimeo, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and Twitter directly from within a single image. This is a huge addition to the service as it makes Thinglink's tags even more relevant and meaningful.

Thinglink's tags are mostly targeted at web publishers, brands and bloggers since they often publish pictures and interact with other media platforms. Linking the images through tags to video, audio or social media is a neat way to engage users and tell them a story behind any object.

Just like before, Thinglink's tags are easy to use. Publishers need only to connect their website or Flickr account to Thinglink platform and they would get a free embeddable code to make all or individual images taggable. Every time a viewer of the website would scroll their mouse over the image (or tap it on the touchscreen) the tags would reveal various content that has been linked to the image.

As Ulla-Maaria Engeström, CEO, explains: 'We know context creates clicks and anticipate these Rich Media Tags will significantly increase the amount of time people spend interacting with an image and in turn increase plays, follows and engagement with the platforms connected to them.'

Rich Media Tags have already been piloted by artists signed to Atlantic Records, Berlin Morning Post and Love Golf, a big blog by golf enthusiasts. As Thanh Nguyen, Digital Marketing at Atlantic Records, commented: '[Rich Media Tags] is an innovative way to introduce the album cover to the public and have it be dynamic, not just a static image. To have video and audio accompany the image really helps connect the marketing. And the social tie-in is a big plus.'

Thinglink tags can also connect images to online retailers, making any photo an ad. This can bring in extra revenue for image publishers (if they join Amazon Associates program, for instance) as well as for Thinglink itself. The company raised $1M funding last October to develop in-image product advertising network for brands, retailers and other product advertisers.

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