GOING GLOBAL – Digital Distribution | breakfast seminar

Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 08:30
Restaurant Palace, Eteläranta 10, FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland

Alongside the open Internet, digital distribution is dominated by “App Stores”, market places run by Apple, Google and Microsoft governed ecosystems. App Stores provide a sales and marketing channel for mobile devices and other terminal equipment.

The following themes, among others, are explored at the breakfast seminar GOING GLOBAL – Digital Distribution, 27 February 2014, organised by Peltonen LMR Attorneys Ltd.:

- Law and practice relating to distribution of digital content, products and services on Internet
- How are App Stores regulated?
- How do App Stores as distribution channels affect trademark, IPR and other practices of a growth company?
- Is the local law still relevant?

Speakers at the seminar:

Senior Legal Counsel Pasi Lehtinen, Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Partner Markus Oksanen, Peltonen LMR Attorneys Ltd.

The seminar is in Finnish.

No participation fee. Please register via registration form on Peltonen LMR's website.

More information: http://www.peltonenlmr.fi/fi/news/2014-02-04

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