The new ArcticStartup has been designed to give more tools to the community. We wanted to reach out to the community and give you more ways to initiate discussions and share material (news, links, press
releases, etc.) on our site.

There might be still be few clitches and unfinished sections but we wanted to put this out for you.

Guidelines for posting

Tell us what stories you think are relevant today for Nordic/Baltic scene, startups, entrepreneurs, Internet products and companies.

Think before you post. If it's a press release, does it add value to the readers? If it does, go ahead. If not, respect the readers and don't spam the community. We are all smart people, let's keep the news valuable to all of us.

Please post to original source not to your blog or use url shorteners.

Here are some ways you can distinguish your post using the title tag:

  • Event: - Use "Event" at the beginning of the title to tell people about an event the post is about.

  • New product: - Use this to share a link or a story about a new product you've come across.

  • PR: - Use this tag in the beginning of the title area to tell about a press release you're sharing. Also, as we're smart and wise people, please avoid using traditional press release language and tell the news worthy item in an innovative and interesting way.

  • Ask: - Use this to indicate that you're posting a question to the community and you'd like the community to answer your question.


Your karma is shown at the end of your username for the time being. You get one karma point
for each new story you write as well as a vote on your story. So, if you write one great story and 10 people vote on it, you should be getting 11 karma points.