Lead developer (Frontend)

SC5 Online Oy, Helsinki Kamppi

SC5 Online Oy

Helsinki, Finland http://sc5.io
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You master software craftsmanship and you are ready to spread the wisdom to others. You are able to to mold the available technologies and wide range of constraints into beautiful solutions. You talk the same language as the customer and lead a diverse team of UX designers, developers and test engineers to meet and exceed customer expectations.

You know there is more to HTML5 than the markup. You craft application-like interfaces using JavaScript, and build their server-side interfaces on node.js, J2EE, PHP or Microsoft stacks. You know how to connect these using RESTful or SOAP APIs. Your bag contains suitable tools for a full web application stack.

In this job, you will get busy with
• creating HTML5 single-page application front-ends
• building RESTful APIs for single-page and native mobile applications
• creating whole server-side stacks from open source application server and database technologies
• obtaining and maintaining state-of-the-art knowledge by following and studying the latest technologies
• understanding the customer and leading the members of development team

Job Type: Full time

Created: 22/01/2014

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