Ambitious Sales Entrepreneur

ArcticStartup Ltd., Helsinki, Finland

ArcticStartup Ltd.

Helsinki, Finland
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We're picking up speed, and we need someone with a passion for convincing people what they need is more ArcticStartup in their lives.

Yes, we need a salesperson. Somebody who can sell anything: from toilet paper to the most expensive luxury airplanes. 

You are someone who dreams of closing deals, writing excellent e-mails and sometimes talking on the phone and going for meetings with the top people in the startup space.

In return, you will have the chance to be right in the middle of the startup scene, get access to all of our contacts, work in an amazingly friendly environment and a growing team of like-minded people who like to work hard and party hard.

// So what do we need selling? //

Arctic15: Exit Path

- Sponsorships to the top industry players

 - Demo stands to startups and companies

- Bundled Tickets


- Sponsored Stories
- Next-generation advertising
- Promoted Jobs

We are a startup ourselves, so we're looking for somebody who is willing to prove that they can sell. Thus we would be offering a very hefty commission for the first 1-2 months, followed by a base + commission thereafter. There will be other opportunities and positions from within too.

To ask any questions, or to apply, send an email to editor (åt) telling us about yourself and what you think you can bring to the table.

Job Type: Full time

Created: 24/02/2014

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