JavaScript / Full-stack Developer

Applifier (Part of Unity Technologies), Helsinki, Finland

Applifier (Part of Unity Technologies)

Helsinki, Finland
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You know the programming language that was used to just make annoying stuff in Netscape Navigator 4.7?
It’s popular now (if you haven’t noticed), and we really love it.

Actually, most of our tech stuff is built with JavaScript, starting with the client stuff (which is built with lovingly hand-crafted frameworks in some case, or Backbone.JS in some other cases), all the way to the backend (where we <3 Node.js). Some stuff happens between these two, and it’s done with JSON, and that’s like JavaScript too, right?

So, now we’re looking for someone to join our bunch of merry JavaScript hackers in our Helsinki office. To qualify, you should have a solid background in software development, preferably in positions where you’ve already had to make decisions on how things are done, rather than have someone hand you UML diagrams to implement in C#.

You should be interested in being a full-stack programmer, rather than being a niche-hipster who refuses to work on anything except the framework you’ve probably never heard of. It’s ok if you’re not there yet, but you should have a strong experience in either frontend or backend development, and a burning passion to master the other as well.

Also, you should like bad jokes. Must like dogs.

And remember kids:

If your resumé lists ‘jQuery’ instead of ‘Javascript’, chances are you lack chops.
— Hipster Hacker (@hipsterhacker) May 18, 2011

Job Type: Full time

Created: 03/06/2014

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