Filecamp Manages Large Files For Creative Agencies

The Danes seem to be good at their file transferring services. A while back we covered the Atomico investment in, a smooth and simple file sharing service for those times you need to quickly send a file greater than 25mb. But for creative agencies or any other business that needs to move large files online, you don't want a quick one-off service like You want a full-branded approach that solves more problems and lets your clients know you're the real deal.

Filecamp out of Denmark launched a few weeks ago and seeks to become the go-to web-based file sharing service for creative agencies and other businesses. They offer a simple service with a nice set of features; Filecamp allows custom branding, online proofing and approval tools, an easy web interface to handle permissions, and of course some space to put files online.

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A Few Quick Updates On The MegaUpload Case (With Video)

As a quick followup to the MegaUpload case, founder Kim Dotcom is still on bail awaiting a hearing on a US application to extradite him to face charges of infringing copyright on films and music, racketeering and money laundering. In his first interview after being released, Dotcom said, "I find it very surprising that this is happening because like I said we had legal advice all these years telling us that we are an online service provider and we are not liable for the actions of third parties." The full video is embedded below. Dotcom holds dual citizenship in Finland and Germany, which is why we figure we can provide a quick update every now and then. 

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Tripl Raises $300k Debt Round, Moving Half Of Team To NYC

Betabeat has dug up SEC filings about the Swedish travel startup, Tripl, showing that they've raised $300,000 out of a $500,000 debt round. This comes as Tripl's second round of investment, which was led by NYC based VCs. We covered their first round in May of 2011, where they also raised $300,000. The startup is currently based in Stockholm, however, on their job page they mention they're in the process of moving half of their team to NYC. Betabeat confirmed this to take place on the 19th of this month.

Early this February I spoke briefly with Peter Sullivan, co-founder of Tripl, who told me that they are currently undergoing "a very big product re-iteration," and they are waiting for some events to take place before they make an official announcement.

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Garage48 Focuses On Music Together With Tallinn Music Week

The Estonia based Garage48 is organising a music focused event in a couple of weeks in Tallinn together with the Tallinn Music Week. The event is held on the weekend between the 23rd and 25th of this month. Registration ends a week early on Sunday the 18th. The goal of the event is to make people focus on the potential of good services in the entertainment space.

Jüri Kaljundi, one of the people behind the successful events tells us "music and entertainment is our first try to do industry-specific events. We believe that the actual business problems are among the common people, non-tech crowds. Technology is just an enabler, so we want more people from other areas of life to come to the events to get their ideas executed. Focusing on real life problems is very important."

Read more » Acquires Swedish Mobile Game Developer, Fabrication Games

In Swedish gaming news, Techcrunch reports has just acquired Swedish mobile gaming developer Fabrication Games. In recent years has risen to become the fourth largest game developer on Facebook after Zynga, Wooga, and EA, but has yet to make a big push to mobile. Fabrication Games has been working in the mobile gaming industry for a long time -- they won their first award in 2002 -- and all signs point to a talent acquisition. The cost of the acquisition was not disclosed. 

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US Venture Capitalists Go East: Russia’s Startups Now More Appealing

Is Russia becoming a new frontier for US venture capitalists? With local startups and incubators springing up like mushrooms, a number of foreign tech investors have started to operate in the country, which is striving for modernization.

Exemplifying the invest in Russia trend is Tiger Global Management, a New York-based international investment management firm. Over the past two years Tiger has invested twice in the Russian e-commerce platform – $5 million in 2010 and another $7 million in 2011 – and contributed $10 million in a round of financing for online travel sales site

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ArcticEvening Stockholm On The 29th - Tix Now Available

Our second ArcticEvening of the year will be held in Stockholm on the 29th of March. The theme of the event will be the future of commerce and to make it all the more exciting, we have three fantastic Swedish companies at the event to share their views. We'll be having a panel discussion with Klarna, Wrapp and iZettle to talk about how they see the commerce changing and evolving through technology, but also how consumers are changing their behaviour.

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Eniram Releases Speed Management Tool For The Shipping Industry

Fuel is the shipping industry's greatest costs, and any improvement on efficiency can have big consequences. Today, Finnish Eniram is launching a new product, Eniram OSA (Optimum Speed Assistant), which is set to save ships and liners a ton of money in fuel costs. Eniram OSA is able to accomplish this by matching real-time data about current sea conditions with historical information about a vessel's performance to determine its optimal speed. The company expects this will save up to 3% a year in fuel costs, while still getting the vessel to port just in time.

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Wrapp Begins Global Launch, Now Live In The UK

Wrapp has now launched in the UK, allowing users to send and receive gift cards, download the Wrapp app, as well as send gift cards to users in the UK and Sweden. The app has seen a fairly decent amount of traction in Sweden, becoming visible to 1/3 of all Swedish Facebook users during their beta trail. The company has also received over $10 million in two investments from respected investors such as Atomico, Greylock Partners, and Creandum. From here, Wrapp tells us they are beefing up to target the U.S. market. 

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Angry Birds Passes 10M MAU On Facebook

The title says it all, Rovio's Angry Birds game has reached over 10 million Monthly Active Users on Facebook's gaming platform. The game launched less than a month ago on Valentines day, meaning this Facebook metric currently tabs up the the number of unique users since its launch. As of this writing, the total number of uniques are around 10.2 million MAU, with another 1.1 million users added today according to the independent Facebook apps metrics webiste, App Data

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Ants Is A Fast And Simple Ridesharing App

The ridesharing options in the Nordic countries are few and far between, and the available options don't leave users with much access when unteathered from a computer. Ants is a mobile-based ridesharing service inspired by Foursquare and Instagram, and is free to use. The service allows users to search and offer rides, give feedback, follow favorite drivers, and instantly share details on Facebook and Twitter. Payment for the ride is independently settled between the riders. 

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In Other News This Week...

On Fridays we're going to start putting together a few links to good reporting done on the region, quick follow-ups to previous posts, events, and anything else we find mildly interesting or noteworthy. We don't know exactly what this Friday post is shooting for yet, but hopefully you might be better informed, cultured, and entertained.

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Bitbar Announces Funding, Releases Services For Automatic Android App Testing

When creating Android apps, your final product isn't necessarily predictable across the hundreds of different Android models. Your app can run into hardware issues like memory size, and sometimes you'll find that certain hardware API's that only work on newer devices. Also, some devices have different UI paradigms, while others add their own UI layer on top of the app. This means on some devices your app may have a complete failure to install, it may crash, or the resolution may give your app ridiculous layouts.

One way to ensure consistency is to test out all of your Android apps yourself, requiring plenty of phones and man-hours to install and run the tests manually. Or you could use Helsinki-based Bitbar's suite of Testdroid Android testing applications to automate and quickly run these tests across over 100 devices.

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Voddler Expands To Spain, Also Grabs European-Wide Partnership With Nokia

Voddler, the video on demand service for movies and TV series, is now expanding outside of the nordics. Since launching in Sweden, Voddler has over the past two years gathered around 1.3 million registered users in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and is now making Spain its fifth market.

The common pattern that Nordic startups seems to follow is to tackle the home market and then expand to the UK to start targeting the English speaking world. But with competitors including Netflix and Vdio also fighting over market share, it makes sense to target underserved markets. On this, Markus Bäcklund, Voddler's CEO says, "Spain was an obvious choice for us as our first market outside of our home market of Scandinavia. It is a country of movie lovers, with good broadband penetration and an audience that is increasingly turning online."

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Estonian startup has developed an algorithm to spot memory leaks in Java, and describe them in detail so that it becomes very easy for a programmer to solve the leak. While there is a plethora of applications available in the world for debugging Java memory contents, there still doesn't exist a product that would straight help you solve the leaks. And those of you who have worked with memory leaks know they are usually hard to solve, and without a special purpose tool it often takes man-weeks of time. Plumbr runs lightweight and in the background so you can spot memory leaks before you see any OutOfMemory errors.

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Co-founder of Campalyst Dalia Lasaite On Women In Entrepreneurship

As a woman in the startup community, Dalia Lasaite says she hasn't encountered any serious obstacles due to her gender, and even suggests the opposite: "Starting a company is always hard, whoever you are. But I find that women actually get more visibility and stand out easier as the tech community is made of men - so this is the advantage of being a woman entrepreneur."

Lasaite got into entrepreneurship in 2007, right after finishing her studies. After a bit of brainstorming  co-founded the ride sharing website Geogoer, which seems to have closed down. At this time she was only working on the project part-time while simultaneously starting to work at an asset management company. But after playing around with that project for a while, the team got an investment from the Difference Engine accelerator, and Lasaite quit her corporate job.

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Future Female Connects Women Interested In Digital Opportunities

A network worth mentioning that's playing a large supporting role in getting women interested in digital entrepreneurship is Future Female, Helsinki-based network of likeminded women who are inspired by new ideas and the world of digital opportunities. Future Female is for women, who work, use or are interested in technology.

The organization operates as a platform for women to mentor, share, learn, connect, contribute and enable the next generation of excellence via informal and interactive get-togethers, workshops and seminars. They pride themselves on being a friendly and easily approachable network, balancing business with pleasure. There are no age or title limits, you can come as you are.

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Tribe Studios Raises €200 000, Game Name Changes To "Dramagame"

Continuing now with some timely International Women's Day coverage, Tribe Studios is announcing they have received a €200 000 investment from Rauli Arjatsalo, Mikko Elomaa, Ville Skogberg  and Kontro & Peuru Consulting Group Oy. Also, the company is changing the name of their interactive storytelling game from the working title, Stagecraft, to the aptly named Dramagame-- the reason for the change being they found the working title, Stagecraft, difficult to pronouce for non-native english speakers. Tribe Studios is currently testing Dramagame in a private beta, but should be releasing another round of invitations in the near future. There is currently no public release date announced. 

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Update On Destly: Travel Curation For Discounted Luxury Hotels

It's always good to go back and get updates on Startups we've covered a while ago. Although we don't need a special occasion, we're using International Woman's Day to catch up on a couple startups across the region that are run by women.

Recently we spoke with Louise Brudö, CEO of Destly. We've covered their launch as well as their expansion to the Serbian and Croatian markets in the past, but for those new to the service, Destly is a travel deal curator that provides provides members up to 70% discounts on luxury hotels. The service is free to join, and has been growing rapidly since initiating partnerships with groups including CDON Group (the largest e-commerce group in the Nordics),, DN-Kortet (the member's club of Sweden's largest newspaper, DN) and with Stampen Group, a large Swedish media house.

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Will Senseg's Touch Screen Technology Be Implemented In The New iPad?

At 10am PST today, Apple is hosting an event in San Fransisco expecting to provide some information about their new tablet, the "iPad 3", if you will. The new tablet is expected to boast a 2048×1536 resolution "retina display" screen like that used on the iPhone 4, where the pixel density is so great that Apple says individual pixels cannot be distinguished.

But the invite to the event (image shown above) also alludes to haptics technology, which The Guardian uses to predict that Apple has picked Helsinki-based Senseg's technology to power tactile feedback on the screen of the new device.  And according to analysts interviewed by the Guardian, they're expecting to see more than just the high definition display. 

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