$5 million Series B Funding Drove E-commerce Solution Ecwid to Form Partnerships

Thinking of setting up store in the world wide web? Sure why not, pretty much everyone’s doing it these days.

Not so fast though. Integrating an e-commerce solution is a big thing, as it can be costly, time consuming to mount and it would be beneficial if it stood out from the thousands of others online stores, which in turn might require customization via plug-in (also potentially costly stuff).

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Jens Nylander, Swedish Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Automile, has Succeeded Through Failure

Some businesses fail, others flourish, but mostly they fail. That would be generally speaking of course, and figures do change depending on the industry, but it’s a well known fact that a significant portion of start ups will be filtered out within the first four years of their existence.

But you can’t win unless you try.

That mentality of perseverance is what I suppose has been dictating Jens Nylander’s, along with many others’, journey as an entrepreneur. Nylander is a Swedish serial entrepreneur who’s lived through an utter business failure, a success story and now the milestone of becoming father to his third Swedish startup company, Automile.

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ACTIVE Venture Partners Appoints two New Team Members after Busiest month to date

It's been a hot, yet immeasurably valuable month of July for us all, undoubtedly due to the relaxing effect of the summer sun which recharges our internal batteries after a long winter. However, for venture capital firm ACTIVE Venture Partners, last month has been more than just recharging batteries. In fact, its been all about breaching corporate milestones and expanding as a company: to culminate their most active month in their history as a VC firm, ACTIVE has appointed two new members to its team, Sebastian Blum and Georg Stockinger.

The announcement comes after a month of heavy investing, during which Active Venture Partners has led funding rounds for Spanish startups Traity ($4.7 million) and Percentil ($1 million) as well as Swedish app for anglers, Fishbrain ($2.4 million). 

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Meet the company that's crowdsourcing Lapland

Despite being a harsh wilderness with no room but to the toughest flora and fauna, Lapland is also home to unique landscapes filled with overwhelming natural beauty, yet to be fully touched by the destructive hands of mankind.

So how about buying yourself a piece of Lapland?

Sounds crazy? It’s not. Even more so, it’s relatively cheap as well, if you do the purchase through Geocollectors.

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The Axe Falls: Microsoft to Cut Half of Nokia Devices & Services Workforce

We knew when it was announced that Microsoft was going to buy Nokia Devices and Services that it would lead to cuts in the workforce. It was hoped that a lot of that had been done in the lead up to the sale, with many people having left the company to find work with other big names, or start their own companies. Well Microsoft have just revealed the scale of the cuts, and guys. It's bad.

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To Paris With Love

Girls in Tech Paris and Orange are hosting the 4th annual European Lady Pitch Night in Paris on the 23rd September, and they want to see the Nordics well represented. We’re told they’ve received nearly 100 hundred entries from 15 countries across Europe, but only three from the Nordics. I’m sure we can boost that.

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BetterDoctor Closes $10 million Series A led by New Enterprise Associates

Promising news for any unlucky american in immediate need of a doctor: BetterDoctor, the San Francisco based healthcare tool and online doctor search service, has closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by New Enterprise Associates and participated by existing investors including SoftTechVC and Finnish venture capital firm Lifeline Ventures.

The fund will be used to further develop the existing service, hire new employees and spread the service’s web and mobile applications to new platforms.

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Education, Crowdfunding and Savivo's EduWatch

How would you teach a child how to read time? To be fair and honest, even us adults don’t always seem to manage to keep up with a clock, so how to make sure a kid does?

Luckily we can easily entrust this task with the schooling system, but what about the poor teachers then? How do they explain young students the importance of a funny looking contraption with numbers and hands that you can’t basically even play with?

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Google Ventures Lands in Europe

The summer is great; sunshine, ice-cream, holidays, all that great stuff and more. However it does mean that while we’re kicking back and enjoying a rest we can miss the odd big story. One such that slipped through the net last week was the news that Google Ventures is coming to Europe.

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Finnish startup TeamUp enters the US market

We were recently invited to the US Embassy in Helsinki by Finnish start up TeamUp. They had gathered the local Finnish media to announce the launch of their new Windows Phone app and expansion into the United States. Founders Donna and Kimmo Kivirauma were excited to present their start up to the press and explain where they are going.

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Jongla tells the story of a successful year: doubled user base & major expansion

Talk about an underdog: Jongla, the insta messaging app from Finland, has been fighting for years against heavyweight competition from WhatsApp, Kik and Voxer, but while the american IM giants have been beating each other to pulp, Jongla’s been steadily strengthening its foothold in the Eastern hemisphere.

Now it seems Jongla’s relatively small size may be blown into history: Following their launch around a year ago and a revamp of their app last December, the company tells us its progress to date has been nothing short of impressive.

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Nosto, the Helsinki-based marketing automation service, Closes $5.5 Million Series A

Helsinki-based e-commerce analytics and marketing automation-software provider Nosto Solutions just closed a $5.5 million Series A led by Wellington Partners and with participation from existing investors Open Ocean Capital and SanomaVentures, along with Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

As with most series A of this size, the funding will allow Nosto to keep up with it progressive international expansion, which has already plugged the company with over 1200 online retailers in over 30 countries, including bigger customers such as Bauhaus, Philips and LUSH. According to Nosto, the company’s revenues have grown over 500% since its launch less than year ago in October 2013.

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Spoiler - Germany wins again

The fourth round of the EIT ICT Labs ‘Idea Challenge’ was recently held in Rennes, France. Along with nine companies pitching for the competition’s awards over 200 people gathered for a two day symposium on the future of Cloud Computing. Arctic Startup was there to check out the Nordic and Baltic entries, and enjoy some warm summer sunshine.

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RushFiles lands big, €2.5 Million round from Insero, Vækstfonden and North-East Venture

Managing file storage and sharing within and between companies can easily become every IT workers worst nightmare. It would only make sense everyone uses one single cloud provider instead of multiple different ones, which could results in awkward business meetings when files won’t open or frustration when important files cannot be accessed without an online connection.

Denmark based RushFiles has seen the problem and devised a solution that seems to be working well for its major Danish telecom clients, which includes names like TDC, ScanNet, Athena and Zitcom. Then again it’s not only the clients who are convinced: RushFiles just raised DKK 19 million (roughly €2.5 million) from Insero, Vækstfonden and North-East Venture.

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Track Satellites for NASA? Leave it to Eventech

Have you ever thought about time in days, hours and seconds? Try and picture a picosecond, that is, one trillionth, or one millionth of one millionth of a second, or 0.000 000 000 001 seconds.

Impossible? Perhaps for us regular folk, but certainly not for Latvian Eventech,  a company that turns picoseconds into profit. 

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Safello announces $250,000 Investment from Bitcoin Opportunity Corp

After announcing a $600,000 round of financing in February this year, Safello is at it again. This time, they’ve raised $250,000 from the Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. Started by SecondMarket Founder Barry Silbert, the Corporation has invested in over 30 other crypto-currency operations, including BitPay, CoinBase, Ripple Labs, Circle, Xapo and BitPesa. Barry Silbert, CEO and Founder of Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, expressed his excitement in a press release: "In a very short period of time, the Safello team has created a leading European platform for buying, storing and selling bitcoin. Their user and transaction growth is accelerating and I’m thrilled to join a group of fantastic investors to help support Safello’s rapid growth and ambitious product plans."

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Fishbrain closes $2,4M Funding Round lead by Northzone and Active Venture Partners

Fishbrain, the Swedish born social network for fishers, has grown hugely popular in the US, apparently becoming the largest platform of its kind in a country where angling is reported to be an activity shared by 40 million fishers.

Despite the company being a bit “fishy” investors have been attracted to Fishbrain like hungry cats; two days ago Fishbrain announced the closing of a funding round of $2,4 million, lead by Northzone and Active Venture Partners.

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New Social Network Socialmist combines elements from Twitter, Vine and Soundcloud

N.W.A. used to rap about expressing yourself in the late 80’s and to be honest it would seem the only thing that’s changed around the subject are the rappers. Now instead of cold blooded hoodrats we’re encouraged to use our power of expression by a multitude of social app companies, Socialmist being among the latest ones to do so.

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Fashion Platform from Denmark kicks off with $400,000 in Angel Capital

You might want to think carefully whether you introduce the following start up to any female acquaintances of yours, as no matter how good your intentions might be, they, including their wallets, might not know how to handle such a concentration of fashion.

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EasyBring wins lawsuits, renames company anyway

What had started off as a new and hopeful business running a delivery platform soon came face to face with the relentlessness of the corporate world. We’re talking, of course, about social delivery service EasyBring who, instead of fully running a business, found themselves exhausting their energy and resources in Norwegian courthouses, battling against trademark lawsuits from easyGroup and Norway Post. But that is no more.

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