Rotten Wifi launches on iOS

Rotten Wifi, a new app from Lithuania, has some grand aims to grade and publicly shame all poor wifi networks around the world. It launched on iOS today and there are plans for Android and web versions to be out next month as well.

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Ympact releases mini-documentary on Helsinki's startup scene

Remember a couple of video guys in blue hoodies running around Slush and their related events? Ympact was on their first stop in Helsinki to produce a startup documentary to tell the story of startup founders and ecosystem builders. The goal of their project, after touring a few more cities, is to help push young generations into becoming entrepreneurs.

Here's their Helsinki video:

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Startup Wise Guys Are Going after B2B

Startup Wise Guys, an Estonian accelerator that was behind startups such as VitalFields, WappZapp, EpicList and Cloutex. They have gone through three batches of companies so far: Summer 2012, Autumn 2013 and Winter 2013. However since then we have not heard much about their plans for the future and were suspecting that there would be a change coming.

So a few days ago, they announced that they will change their focus towards B2B commerce and adjust their program accordingly by launching "BusinessTech".

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17 year-old Swede reimagines video sharing with Sample

If you want an idea of how app development is going to change over the next couple of years, consider this. Seventeen year-old Swede Joel Hellermark is one of the first to come from a new era of app developers - ones that have actually grown up using mobile apps. "I started when I was 13. I had all these ideas about apps I wanted to create and I just thought I would do one myself."

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Pint Please - It's like Foursquare for beer

Global stereotypes usually claim that Finns only care about vodka, but this isn't entirely true; Finland has a very evolved culture in beer drinking. That’s why an app that let’s you get hints for beers and also shows you where your friends are hanging out and what they’re drinking has solid potential to grow across the country.

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Bloglovin Announces $7 million Series A

If you’ve ever seen Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, you’ll agree that had the young queen lived today, Bloglovin would be one of her addictions.

If you haven’t, you’ll have to take my word for it; Bloglovin is all about fashion, lifestyle and pretty much all the small guilty pleasures and the big “little things” of life, something, if not Antoinette, at least Coppola is very fond of.

Bloglovin users will be pleased to hear that the company just raised a $7 million series A funding, led by European investor Norhtzone and joined by existing backers like Betaworks, Lerer Ventures, White Star Capital and Bassett Investment Group.

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Just Eat looking plump with a £1.5bn valuation after IPO

Just Eat CEO David Buttress describes himself as an “anti cooking activist” on his business card, and while amusing it tells you something of the bullish nature of a company determined to make an impact. Well if a successful stock market floatation can be used as a measure of impact, and we’re going to say that yes it can be, then Just Eat are definitely making an impact.

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Last minute to apply to Startup Sauna - over $36 M raised for 109 startups!

What are you doing May 5th to June 4th? Will you be pushing your startup full-throttle, or will you still be staring at the wall in your office, and heading home at 17:30 each day? Startup Sauna, the accelerator gathering the best seed startup talent from the Nordics, Eastern-Europe, and Russia to a Helsinki-Silicon Valley based program, is still looking for driven startups looking to turn up the heat over the five weeks of their Spring '14 batch. You'll have to get in your application quickly though: their application period is closing this Monday, April 7th.

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The goal of your startup is to exit. What do you actually know about that process?

We love a good exit story on ArcticStartup. Applifier's acquisition by Unity got the Helsinki entrepreneurs excited, and quick and eventually lackluster build-up to the Swedish-founded King IPO was fun to speculate on. For us in the media business, an exit puts a big fat dollar sign next to a company name, which drives traffic and likes.

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isePankur Changes Name; Newly Baptised Bondora Closes €1.3 Million Round

isePankur, the social-lending service, was established in 2008 and pioneered the concept of social lending in Estonia. The service allows individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises to borrow and lend between each other, skipping the whole traditional banking process.

As of yesterday, isePankur will be known as Bondora and the new brandification won’t be the only change to take place during the upcoming eight weeks in the Estonian p2p loan pioneer.

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Bitcoin Exchange Safello expands with direct payments from banks across Europe

Several months ago, we wrote about the Swedish Bitcoin exchange Safello and their mission to make doing business with Bitcoin as simple as possible, although without the anonymity that some other exchanges pride themselves on.

They’ve now gone a step further, expanding their reach beyond the borders of Sweden and into the rest of Europe by enabling payment network/option SOFORT, which allows customers to pay for their Bitcoins directly from a number of  European banks by direct transfer.

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The big change - how corporations started knocking on startup's doors

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Sami Kuusela

I have to say I've never had my timing this right in any business. Since last autumn I've been helping the biggest companies in Finland to connect with startups. Selling my services has been almost too easy.

This all started a year ago when I wrote a book about startup culture for EVA - a policy and pro market think thank. The pamphlet was called "Hoodie Dude and the Businessman" and it was delivered to every business influencer in Finland (and still downloadable on EVA's website).

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EIT ICT Labs' European entrepreneurship competition is on

Nordic and Baltic innovators, come forward and represent. The EIT ICT Labs have launched a pan-European entrepreneurship event called Idea Challenge and they are busy promoting it right now to draw in as many applicants as possible before the first stage closing deadline on the 20th April. Why’s it worth getting involved? Well there’s a €40,000 prize for successful participants, six months free office space, and mentoring from experts at the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator.

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Tellyo tunes into €200,000 seed investment from GS Group

Good news for Finland's social TV startup Tellyo, which announces this morning they've picked up a €200k seed investment from international holding group GS Group and the supporting GS Venture Fund, giving them further runway to expand their social second screen solution throughout the TV industry.

Have you ever wondered how people copy clips of television and put it on the internet? Those clips of your favorite TV show of movie you found on Youtube are difficult to upload; you would have to have some way to save a TV recording on your computer (which is difficult for live television) and then find a way to put it up on the web. Who has the time to do that?

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Balderton Capital raises $305m Series A Venture Fund

This news is a day or two late, but just to keep our readers updated we should write that Balderton Capital, one of Europe’s largest venture capital investors and behind breakthrough successes such as Betfair, Lovefilm, MySQL, NaturalMotion and Yoox, has announced yesterday the closing of its fifth European fund, raising a further $305 million and bringing its total funds to $2.2 billion to invest in European technology start-ups.

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Spotify enter the teenage years with major redesign

We all know that children like bright colours and music, even in the world of startups young companies are generally colourful and like to make lots of noise when attracting an audience. However sooner than any parent or founder would wish the teenage years arrive and for some the joy and colour vanish to be replaced by moody blacks and a lot of self loathing. Well Spotify have gone black, but they’re not miserable about it.

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Semantics and Definitions; Klevu Turns E-commerce Search fields Smarter

Not that this is a rule of thumb by any means, but when you take three men with doctorates and some computer science background, there’s a good chance they’ll come up with a pretty convincing business model for a startup. For example, when Dr.Jyrki Kontio, Dr. Niraj Aswani and Dr. Nilay Oza put their heads together and mindstormed Finland-based Klevu into existence.

How convincing the startup is will eventually be up to you to decide, but it was enough to recently raise and close a €250 000 capital investment round led by Finnish seed investor & accelerator KoppiCatch and joined by Inventure, as well as Finnish and Russian business angels.

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Reaktor and Supercell get behind "Hello World Open"

This spring Finnish creative technology company Reaktor and gaming giant Supercell are getting behind a new event, called Hello World Open, designed to bring programming skills into the world spotlight. Consider it a programming competition that hopes to reach wide with Supercell's weight behind it. The way it works is that contenters will form teams of 1-3 top coders, who will compete to create artificial intelegence for a virtual car race. Signups are now open, and a complete rule set can be found on their website.

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Free Beer in Vilnius on the 8th of April: ArcticEvenings Are Back

When talking about what makes a startup community come together, many people immediately identify gatherings and events as the cornerstone of building a movement. This was certainly the case when we first introduced the concept of ArcticEvenings, back in the distant 2009.

So with Arctic15:Exit Path looming on the horizon, we decided to bring the concept back and help you guys network and connect with each other even more. In the coming months, we want to bring ArcticEvenings to Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Tampere, Oulu & Helsinki. So keep on the lookout for the announcement of your city, and if you think we should come somewhere that is not on the agenda - do let us know.

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So I messed up

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Edvard Nore

Top Pop Up was my attempt at creating a market for short term rentals of commercial real estate in Oslo. What AirBnB did for private rooms I wanted to do for storefronts that was free between contracts. In principle a very simple idea. Allow owners to capitalize on underused real estate, and open up the city to new forces. Never mind that I had never worked in real estate, this idea was in my naive eyes so good and so easy to sell to people that I thought I could just bootstrap it by myself. He.

So, I failed. I’m almost out of money, but mostly, I gave up.

Let’s start with the best part first: What went well.

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