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Greater Helsinki RegionDNA Engine is a blog driven by innovations, startups and DNA's continuous search for leading-edge partnerships. We enjoy seeing companies which are continuously coming up with new innovative products and services that shape our way of using technology. We blog about our own insights on mobile handset ecosystems, innovation-driving companies and ICT phenomena, but we also invite interesting guest bloggers to share their views.
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DNA and Deezer on the way to break 'The Finnish Paradox'

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for DNA Engine written by Mathieu Molinero, Head of New Markets at Deezer.

The music streaming revolution has started 5 years ago and keeps growing years after years, bringing growth once again to the music industry (+44% in volume and + 59% in total value in 2012). This revolution is at the expense of physical sales with the appearance of new technologies and new devices like smartphones and now tablets. Music streaming is also a new way of consumption that totally corresponds to our modern society : access to millions of songs, anytime, anywhere, on any device for the price of 8 tracks on legal downloading platforms (9,99€).

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DNA <3 Jolla

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post by Cedric Kamtsan, Business Director at DNA's Handset and Subscription Business on the DNA engine blog.

The co-operation between DNA and Jolla has been awesome. More than twelve months of mutual journey was culminated on Wednesday 27.11. approx. 7 p.m. when the world’s first Jolla phone was sold to a customer. The atmosphere at the event was off the roof. It was nice to see such a large gathering of media buzzing around the DNA <3 Jolla tent. We at DNA highly value the possibility of being involved in building the next Finnish success story with such a great potential.

DNA has been involved in the development process of the phone, bringing in the end-user viewpoint to maximize the user-friendliness. Personally I’m extremely satisfied with the gesture based Sailfish operating system that runs smoothly. Jolla is a perfect match for those who want to stand out from the masses with a handset that can be modified to match the user’s preferences.

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Excuse me, but is Cooperation just the Privilege of Startup Companies?

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Jarkko Utriainen

In late August of this fall, we took part to Midnight Pitch Fest event as a sponsor and as a member of the pitching jury. The event was laidback and the crowd of over a thousand peers was visibly enjoying the atmosphere. In an event as such, where some 70 companies are pitching their varying business ideas and concepts, one is given a good opportunity to see and feel what the Finnish startup-scene is like and especially to the points where we still have room for improvement.

In Finland selling is not appreciated. A Finnish entrepreneur is a humble, unpretentious and almost asking for forgiveness when she/he is talking about how the product of their beloved company has potential in both the American and the Asian markets. As I recall Alf Rehn stating in his pitch that it should be taught that selling is ok and should not be ashamed to do, at Finnish elementary schools.

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The Growing Pains of a Seed Phase Entrepreneur

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Riitta Annala.

‘And the winner of the DNA Ltd. sponsored seed B category is Havina Productions!’

These are the words you want to hear when taking part in a Pitching Contest and this is exactly what we heard two weeks ago in the Oulu Midnight Pitch Fest. Now it’s high time for a tiny seed phase start-up to start considering itself a serious player in the world of giants!

We are tiny but we have a strong vision. We want to offer language learners a possibility to speak the target language while learning it through a game! We want to make a difference in the world of digital language learning which, by the way, has a huge potential for growth. The market size is estimated to be 2,5 billion USD in 2016 and the growth rates are specifically high in Asia. We have these pieces of the puzzle figured out, as you can see.

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It is Easy to Create Startups, Isn’t it?

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Oskari Lehtonen of KoppiCatch.

When you read the Finnish press and governmental sources you might get to think that it is just a matter of decision to become a successful startup entrepreneur. So just by making the decision your startup will suddenly flourish and become successful.

I have a quite broad experience of working amongst startups as investor, entrepreneur and also as a researcher. I have conducted few profitable exits as an entrepreneur but I have also failed miserably. As an investor the story is similar. I have written my PhD about growth entrepreneurship and venture capital. Still, I cannot say which company will succeed and which will fail. However, I will try to present a few components that successful entrepreneurs should consider while developing their ventures.

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Getting Up in the Morning.

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Alan Dunne.

At 3V it’s easy to keep motivated. I just look at how most banks and big institutions in many countries treat their customers, and know people deserve better. It’s our job to try to make sure they get it.

Over the next few years, the whole landscape of consumer financial services is going to change, and we want to help drive that change. Amongst all the noise and bad news about tumbling banks and rocketing charges, there are new sorts of providers coming into the market who know better what people need, who understand the power of technology and are used to having to offer the best possible service or their customers will go elsewhere.

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PowerKiss CEO Mats Wolontis: Gotta Sting, As The Scorpion Said

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Mats Wolontis, CEO of Powerkiss.

Suspicion was my first reaction. Who are these guys and can I trust them?

Getting approached by a competitor who wants to buy your company certainly creates emotions. But at the same time, this was exactly what we had planned for! Together with the PowerKiss Board we decided already more than a year ago that a partnership in some form was necessary for our survival. We knew that if, and when, the business of wireless charging grows big enough, we would not survive on our own.

So here I was. Facing the full process of an acquisition and may I say, without any prior experience of such a process. Emotions ran high and the uncertainty of the whole due diligence process, and its outcome, certainly made my fingers tingle.

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Jolla's Marc Dillon: Join The Movement And Spread The Love!

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Marc Dillion, head of Jolla's Sailfish development.

Jolla was born out of passion. We saw that we had a chance to make something really unique, and we decided to do it although seemed crazy to many people at the time. We have proven that by being different, doing unlike things and spreading the love, we can create a world class product with enormous demand and support from the world.

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DNA Is Reaching Out To The Startup Ecosystem

Editor's note: This is a sponsored post with our partner DNA Engine.

At ArcticStartup we write about how startups that are innovating to face corporations with larger wallets and resources. However once in a while, these corporations realize that startups are great partners and that the two can co-exists in order to bring better products, services and opportunities to all.

DNA, the Finnish telecom, recognized that they have a lot to learn from and a lot to give to the startup ecosystem in order to foster creativity, collaboration and growth.

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