Vivino Scaling To Go Global Through Outsourcing

Editor's note: This post is part of a series of posts published in co-operation with Elance, the leading source of outsourcing talent in the world. Elance is also supporting our ArcticEvening Copenhagen on May 31st.

Vivino is Denmark-based startup that is looking to change the way people enjoy wine around the world. According to one of Vivino's investors, Niels Vejrup Carlsen of SEED Capital, the global wine market is four times that of the music industry and Vivino is aligned well to take on that market. The company raised a round earlier this year from SEED Capital in Denmark to go global with their new mobile app.

The new version of the mobile app allows users to get information and recommendations on almost any wine. The app already boasts a database of more than half a million bottles. The app is free and available for Android and iOS -based devices.

The Vivino app works so that once consuming a wine, you can take a photo of the bottle and then register it into your library, where you can rate it and remember it the next time. The website also has social extensions allowing you to follow the most savvy wine enthusiasts and see what they are enjoying. Each wine in the system is also ranked within the winery, region as well as globally.

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Win A Free Ticket To Arctic15 At ArcticEvening Copenhagen

Just like in our Tallinn and Stockholm events, we want to reach out to our community again by giving a chance to win a free ticket to Arctic15, the awesome startup and growth entrepreneurship conference we're putting together for October.

We're giving out four lucky ArcticEvening Copenhagen attendees a free ticket to Arctic15. All you need to do is sign-up to the event held on the 31st of May (it's free by the way) and attend (we'll be in touch by e-mail a day before the event what you need to do to be eligible).

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ArcticEvening Copenhagen Tix Now Available!

ArcticEvening Copenhagen is a go! We're organising an event in the capital of Denmark on the 31st of this month, meaning in exactly three weeks. The event will take place at the Nokia Campus, who are also our venue and drinks sponsors. As for content, we've signed up Podio's CEO Tommy Ahlers to come on stage to have a chat with us and share how Citrix's acquisition of the company went down.

Register your free ticket here and also take notice of the other information available there. You can also find the event through the events page.

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#15 - Tine Thygesen of Everplaces

In our 15th episode we talk to Tine Thygesen of Everplaces, Copenhagen, Denmark based startup. We discuss location based services and how Tine got into entrepreneurship through her first startup in the e-commerce space in Australia. After selling that to an Australian company she came back to the Nordics to take on more entrepreneurial challenges first with Venture Cup Denmark and later with 23 Video before starting her own company Everplaces. She is also one of the founders of Founder's House, a co-working space in Copenhagen that now has 17 startups and some 70 people working there.

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Admazely Creates DIY Retargeting Advertisement Platform, Raises €600K

Admazely, a new Copenhagen-based startup, seeks to help small and medium sized webshops to take advantage of advertisement retargeting to help drive unsuccessful sales back into a webshop where they saw the item. This practice has helped larger e-commerce retailers boost click-through rates by as much as 600% by tracking webshop visitors, identifying they did not complete a transaction, then showing them an ad on a third-party website for that particular shop of product.

This particular style of advertising is successful, but has huge barriers to entry for smaller players to get into. Perhaps due to this, Admazely was alble to grab €600k in seed financing in a round led by SEED capital with business angels Martin Bochineck and Christina Rind participating.

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23 Video Offers New Video Analytics

Copenhagen-based 23 Video has been providing video sites with a simple service to host and manage everything, on a customer's own domain, for a simple $675 per month. Customers are allowed an unlimited number of videos and have complete control of the design of the player. The company has always offered analytics, but recently they stepped up their offering to provide greater insight for their customers to figure out exactly how their users are interacting with online videos.

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Everplaces Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Into Location Based Services

Everplaces is a new way to curate and save the favorite places you visit (or want to visit). The service is launching globally today from Copenhagen, Denmark. We talked to Tine Thygesen, one of the co-founders of the company about the company's plans and where they want to take it. Needless to say, they're still far from the bigger vision they want to achieve, but after playing around a little and using the service - it does bring a nice breath of fresh air into the location based space of services. As of today, the service launches with an online service as well as a mobile extension to help save those places while on the go.

One aspect of the bigger vision the company is after is to make sense of the masses of location based information out there. "Quality over quantity" as Thygesen herself put it. The basic function of the service is to curate the best locations all over the world through social connections. In the end, you would end up with interesting places to visit, each tagged under a descriptive tag.

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Graduateland's International Office Building 'The Career Market Of Tomorrow'

Editor's note: This is a sponsored post by Graduateland part of their prize for winning the public vote in the 2011 Arctic15 conference.

As Graduateland spreads to universities, students, graduates, and employers all across Europe, their office has picked up a wide variety of nationalities along the way. Graduateland's Copenhagen offices so far include 15 employees, who are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Czech. The team is also currently having job interviews with two programmers from Greece and Poland, respectively, who would relocate to Copenhagen if qualified. This all fits into their beliefs of open and creative collaboration in order to innovate and set the standard for the "career market of tomorrow."

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Copenhagen Startup Weekend Less Than 2 Weeks Away

The fourth edition of Startup Weekend Copenhagen is kicking off the 18th of this month, and is bringing along with it  54 hours of non-stop action, access to mentors, and Saturday night entertainment featuring Christmas Beer from Andrik Microbrewery. We've got a discount code for the ticket, and they have some great prizes for the first place winner:

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Future Female + ArcticStartup Pre-Christmas Party December 1st

Mark it down in your calendar - December 1st. That's the day we will be throwing a little pre-Christmas party together with Future Female. The event will take place in Siltanen, Hämeentie 13B here in Helsinki, Finland. The event is expected to kick-off at around 6pm. Even though, the event is free we'd like you to sign-up with a form that will be provided at a later date. To learn more about signing up to the event, join the Future Female facebook page. This is also the first time Future Female events are open for men.

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Just Eat Just Keeps On Growing

Just Eat is a Copenhagen based online service founded in 2000 that has created an online portal for food delivery. The company recently received another feather to its hat as GigaOM wrote about the company belonging to one of the 5 super star companies out from Europe (for record, other companies in that category were Rovio, Spotify, Vente Privée and Wonga, Northern Europe ftw!). Just Eat is now live in 14 countries and has 15 000 restaurants in its system. It's the world leader in online takeaway ordering.

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Unity Technologies Closes $12M In Financing - Eyes Asia

Unity Technologies, a Copenhagen originated startup now based in Silicon Valley, has closed a $12 million in financing from WestSummit Capital in China and iGlobe Partners in Singapore, according to Techcrunch. The financing round is Unity's second and an investor from the first round, Sequoia Capital, also participated in the round.

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Tradeshift Now In Finnish And Dutch

About a month after closing a $7M funding round, Tradeshift is doing better and better. Their platform is now available in Finnish and Dutch languages to attract even more local businesses use the network. 'Of all the European markets we are in, the Netherlands and Finland are among the most mature when it comes to online invoicing', comments Christian Lanng, CEO. 'The adoption of e-invoicing has been driven [there] by the Governments which has resulted in highly competitive e-invoicing markets'. Turns out that even before Tradeshift was translated into Finnish and Dutch, their free e-invoicing model was already being used by businesses of all sizes as an alternative to traditional online invoicing providers.

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Win In Copenhagen And Get Tickets To Arctic15

Startup weekend is organising a mobile oriented event this weekend in Copenhagen. It's already been of immense popularity, but we thought we'd show some support to the event in the form of offering free tickets to Arctic15 conference for the winning team. So, if you'd like to have a chance at winning the event, but also winning Arctic15 conference tickets for the whole team - participate now.

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Interested To Work At A Startup? Join One At CopenhagenStartups

Denmark FlagThere is nothing like being an entrepreneur. Of course that’s a bit challenging for many - especially to let go off the comfort of a monthly paycheck, but many aspire to be one. The problem is not everyone is bound to be one and even less are  bound to be successful. However, there are many people searching for jobs each spring as they leave their schools behind, be it high school or university. CopenhagenStartups is a new initiative to help people find a job at a startup, something not many might have thought to be a viable start for a career path.

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Tradeshift Announces $7M In Funding And Big Deals

Tradeshift has just announced $7 million in funding from Notion Capital. Tradeshift pitches itself as the social network for businesses. At this first stage, it allows companies to send electronic invoices to each other without costs. Previously, it has secured seed funding from PayPal, who is also a technology partner for the company. Notion Capital is a venture fund created by the team that founded and sold MessageLabs for $700 million. Tradeshift had many other investment partners to choose from, but they chose Notion Capital due to their own experience in growing a company from a startup to a global success story.

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Endomondo, Among 25 Apps At The Google I/O, Announces Social Features

Endomondo_logoEndomondo, a sports community based on real time GPS tracking for trekking, cycling etc has registered another milestone. The Copenhagen based startup was among the 25 developers selected to showcase their talent at the ongoing Google I/O conference. Endomondo Sports Tracker, the mobile app that transforms the mobile device into your pocket trainer can also boast of being the one out of the 100,000 or so apps in the Android Market to be invited for the same.

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Startupbootcamp Comes To Madrid, Next Stop London And Berlin!

When you succeed at first, you have every reason to expand and take up newer and bigger challenges. That’s exactly what Startupbootcamp is doing after the very successful first edition, which was launched as a quarter long program in Copenhagen between August and November, 2010. It brought 10 teams of 32 selected entrepreneurs from 12 different countries, face to face with 75 top mentors in the industry. All that came with thanks to Startupbootcamp’s co-founder, Alex Farcet who put a good number of months to find the right mentors to guide these entrepreneurs.

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The Story Behind And Their Early Traction

I bumped into a few weeks back and immediately fell in love with it. It's file sharing done right, simple, non-intrusive and extremely intuitive. Also, having as a domain name does help people remember it. I had a chance to talk to Tobias Baunbæk, the CEO and co-founder behind this Danish based company. He shared the path they've taken and how became to be what it is today, not to forget where it will go.

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Lumigon T1, Running Android, Unveiled in Copenhagen

Danish Lumigon has unveiled their T1 mobile phone in a gala in Copenhagen last week. The phone uses the Android operating system bundled with Lumigon's own P-GUI software to give an extra kick to the user experience. The availability of Android has created an attractive opportunity for companies such as Lumigon to go after added design value in mobile phones, when the OS has been taken care of.

"T1 is built on Scandinavian craftsmanship and design, coupled with the finest materials such as steel, aluminum and scratch-free glass. These uniquely designed phones are also packed with features not seen in mobile phones earlier”, states Lars Gravesen, CEO and founder. T1 relies on Bang&Olufsen's technology for voice quality. It comes with a 480x800 resolution 3,5” TFT screen, based on the same technology as the Apple iPhone, the capacitive touch screen.

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Podio Is Coming Out To Change The Way You Work

Podio, a Danish started formerly known as Hoist (see our story here), launched and announced a new CEO. Tommy Ahlers invested in the young startup at the same time as he took the helm as their new CEO. Ahlers is one of the most successful Danish entrepreneurs. He founded ZYB in 2005 and sold it for €31 million to Vodafone in 2008.

Podio is all about working smarter. Think Basecamp, but without the complexity. Huddle and Jive are close too, but according to Ahlers, the closest competitor will be the soon-reborn Yammer that is about to launch. Also a Finnish Flowdock comes close, but they were never able to emerge from the early Beta to full fledged product (see our story here). In a word Podio is a souped-up social platform with messaging, calendar, tasks and contact management with a proprietary Appstore for all the other tools for a smooth workflow.

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The Future Of Early Stage Investing In Europe And Why You Should Apply To Seedcamp

Limited Partners or LPs, the people or institutional investors who invest their money in venture funds, are pulling away and the European investment climate is going from bad to worse. This is on one hand because of the dismal returns that the funds have generated and on the other hand because of the bloated management fees that some VCs collect without working much for their portfolio companies or for new deal flow.

Even if the general investment climate in Europe is getting darker Seedcamp is determined to make the early stage investing work in Europe. I talked with Reshma Sohoni, CEO of Seedcamp, at the Copenhagen Mini-Seedcamp about Seedcamp's past, present and future and what value they can offer for startups coming from the Nordics and Baltics.

Seedcamp model is to invest €50,000 in early stage startups in return for some  10 percent of equity. Beyond just the capital, they aim to connect entrerpeneurs with the best mentors across Europe, UK and US.

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Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen Opens For Applications

Seedcamp, the European seed investment program that originated in London has opened its Nordic Mini Seedcamp for applications. This year the Mini Seedcamp takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark 27th May 2010.

Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen is a one day event aiming to connect the 20 best web-tech, mobile and software startups with some of the leading entrepreneurs, developers, and experts from the European tech ecosystem.

Last year Seedcamp's Nordic event took place in Helsingborg, Sweden and attracted a decent line-up of startups. That said, there is definitely room for more quality applicants, not least from Finland. You can see our coverage from last year here.

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Summary Of Some Of This Spring's Startup Events

We've been looking closely at the startup scene in the Nordics and Baltics for the last two and a half years and I have to say, the amount of events on the market these days is very attractive. There are a lot of different kind of events and I'm sure there's something for everyone. While these events have their own functions and drive their own agendas, there's no getting round it - they're great fun and will surely improve your business if not by any other means than at least by networking with the other visitors there.

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Richard Youngman: Why Copenhagen Does Not Matter For Cleantech Startups

cleantech groupWe visited Lahti Cleantech Venture Day a few weeks ago and were able to talk to Richard Youngman of Cleantech Group. Richard is based in Cleantech Group’s office in London and is responsible for the company’s global membership offering – its industry-leading data, research, and conferences – as well as driving the growth of the group’s activities in Europe, India and the Middle East.

In the first video we discussed what will happen in 2010 in cleantech and whether Youngman believes the cleantech market in India is finally catching fire.

We also talked in length why he believes Copenhagen does not matter. As we all know, the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) is going on in Copenhagen, Denmark right now. Businesses have already a long time argued for a clear road map what kinds of policies governments will implement, what will be taxed, what will be supported and so on. The missing clarity will inhibit or at least defer all the investment decision to the new technology, which in turn influences the number and the amount of investments, trade sales and even IPOs in the sector, when nobody knows what horse to bet on. Youngman argued it's not quite as what is seems. See the videos below for more.

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Youcalc Visualizes Your Data With A Click (Video)

youcalcOver the years, as I have worked with several great designers, I have come to appreciate well designed info graphics more and more. At the same time, where I'm not that much of a designer myself but why I can help companies with their products' user experience is because I am one of the most impatient persons you'll ever meet when it comes to bad user interfaces - If I don't figure out right away what's happening with a given product, the interface is broken as far as I'm concerned. These two reasons added to the fact that I love big data go a long way explaining why I like Youcalc so much.

The company is not doing anything that revolutionary, but at the same time it just might be for those who use the product. In a nutshell, Youcalc is a Danish startup that let’s business people create and share custom reports and analytics on data from SaaS systems, in a very clear and easy manner I may add. And by business people I mean those impatient, busy people who can't concentrate to learn to use (let alone set up) a complex reporting tool even if their life depended on it because they are busy making that next sale. And that's what they should do, but that's also why they may need Youcalc. The company's mission is to create the world’s largest library of analytics apps by allowing business users to create and share those analytics apps. Here's Youcalc's presentation in ArcticEvening Copenhagen from a while back.

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Nosco Sells Shares In Ideas. Want To Buy One?

This is the first post in a series of posts on startups that presented at the ArcticEvening in Copenhagen at the end of June. First up is Nosco, a nifty Danish startup that's specialized in idea management.

Nosco offers an idea management tool Idea Exchange. An online suggestion box, where you buy shares in ideas. I don't have experience in using the product, but by looking at some of their customers' experiences, there's clearly something there. Much more than in my previous job, where the management tried to engage and encourage the staff coming up with new ideas by going through all the trouble of setting up a one new email account. So if you feel an urge setting up as your new organizational initiative, check out Nosco instead.

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ArcticEvening Copenhagen (Video)

Here's a taste of some of the magic that happened at the ArcticEvening event last Wednesday. Thanks for all the startups that presented and the incredible cool people present.

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ArcticEvening Copenhagen - A Full House Of Excitement

We had another amazing ArcticEvening event yesterday. This time we were at Copenhagen Denmark gathering local startups together to spread their love and tell the community about their products. The event ended up being on the eve of Reboot conference and needless to say we had wonderful time with many people in town for both events. A full house of passionate people either interested in entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs themselves.

We had altogether 16 startups presenting, each having 3 minutes to tell how they're planning on changing the world. And so they did. We filmed all of them and are now busy editing the footage, and will pushed it out to you guys as soon as we have the videos ready. It was a great evening and I had a blast. Thank you Copenhagen!

Before we get the videos out, here are captions that Paula got on film.

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ArcticEvening Going Copenhagen - Last Chance To Get A Ticket


To continue our ArcticEvening tour around Northern Europe we will be organising an ArcticEvening in Copenhagen, Denmark on 24th June. The date is set so that it is in the eve of the awesome reboot conference.

We have still some 20 tickets or so left and you can reserve your free ticket here or at below. Go get your now!

We are going with a different format this time (no panel) and want to bring out all the best startups in the region. We have a amazing line up coming.

Here's the list of startups that will be presenting (we also might add a few extra appearances). The presentations start at 18.30 sharp(!), so be there in time.

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