Backend Developer Needed. Adtile, Reinventing Advertising, is Looking for Talent

Editor's Note: This is a promoted jobs post by Adtile.

Everyone is seems to lean towards the "hate" side of their love/hate relationship with the advertising industry, so why would you want to work in it? Well, Helsinki/San Diego-based Adtile is moving fast with an outside take on the advertising with a plan to make the industry better for everybody. The company recently closed their series A, and is now looking for a backend developer.

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Adtile Aims To Build an App Store for Smart Ads by Raising €3.3M Series A

We've covered Adtile a decent amount in recent months, and we think that the company is heading in an exciting direction - which is just one of the reasons we use their ad platform on ArcticStartup.

With the recently announced $4.5 million (€3.3 million) Series A from private investors, the company aims to build an "app store" for what we think may be the way we will see ads in the future.

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Adtile provides human-to-human engagement in new mobile ad concept

Editor's note: this is a sponsored post by Adtile

Despite the shifts in spending we see moving to mobile advertising, basically every ad you see on your phone are about as unsophisticated as a late 90's web banner. Meanwhile your phone is packed with sensors like magnetometers, touch screens, GPS, and motion sensors, making interacting with your phone a more context-rich experience if the hardware is leveraged right.

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There is More To Targeting Than Just Cookies: Adtile Weather Ads

IIn the world of today, advertising is everywhere. What is more, advertisers are doing their best to be as accurate as humanly possible in tracking down exactly who you are. They do so in order to make their ads more “relevant” and hopefully increase the probabilities of you purchasing their products.

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Is This The Future of Advertising?

Let’s get one thing straight - advertising sucks. Not because it is bad on a moral level or because it is annoying. It is bad because it is just boring and outdated. The little innovation that did happen in the industry mostly revolved around better ways of tricking you into seeing ads. But then we saw this video:

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Can Mobile Ads Be Done Right? Adtile Thinks So

Let’s talk about ads for a moment. Looking back in history, advertisement was pretty much always there. Egyptians used papyrus for sales posters and political campaign messages were found in ancient ruins of Pompeii and Arabia.

However it has been the last 70 years or so when advertisement really shaped up. Mad Men TV series shows us how commercial television changed the game in the 60's, from there cable TV opened new horizons in the 80’s. Finally in the 90’s we were introduced to the Internet, where the game changed completely once again.

Today, we are on the verge of yet another shift of epic proportions - the increasing use of mobile devices and the fight for getting advertising right on this new medium. However the whole concept of advertisement is getting increasingly out of control. According to some research we see up-to 5 000 ads per day, compared to about 2 000 just 30 years ago. There is no empty space anymore, if it is empty - chances are it will soon be filled with ads. People have become ad intolerant, banner-blind and overly suspicious. So with that in mind, how do you win the mobile ads war?

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