Europas Results: Instabridge & Transferwise Win, Impresses

From the comments that can be found around the web and from the people that attended the awards, it seems that Europas is the fastest awards event out there. After all, it finished 20 minutes ahead of schedule, which is not something you see too often at a startup event.

But this is not why you are reading this, you want to find out just how well did Arcticstartup Region startups perform. Going in, there were quite a lot of startups, vc’s, entrepreneurs and accelerators that were nominated from the region. Thankfully, going out the results are quite good as well.

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Finnish, Swedish Games Heavily Favored At International Mobile Gaming Awards

This year Barcelona is playing host to the eighth International Mobile Gaming Awards as part of the Mobile World Congress. Almost 500 games in total were submitted for review, and the list has been whittled down to 30 games in 6 categories. We noticed the Nordics and Baltics were heavily favored on the list, and includes 5 games from Finland, 3 from Sweden, and one game from Lithuania.

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Nordic And Baltic Companies In The Europas

On Friday night, The Europas, a startup award ceremony put together by TechCrunch was held in London. While there were many European companies in the nominations, Nordic and Baltic companies in general did well. Quite many made it to the finalists and in some cases they were able to win their categories. Below are the companies from the Nordics and Baltics and their performance in the competition.

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