Kippt's New Redesign Brings Out The Content

Kippt has realeased a big new update, keeping their bookmarking and indexing services powerful, but presenting your links in a fresh new way.

The first thing you'll notice about the new redesign is how visual it's become. Gone is a bland list of text-based links, instead the new design brings out the images and video stills that make the content you're saving memorable. As they say in their blog announcement, "Storing a link in itself isn’t valuable – it should be the content."

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Dragdis From Lithuania: The Ultimate Bookmarking Tool Is Finally Here

With so many great bookmarking startups such as Pocket or Finland's Kippt, you might think that the title is a huge overestimation. However, I assure you that my new favorite, Dragdis, has solved it.

The main problem with most bookmarking tools is that you either need to do a lot of actions to save anything or you end up with a huge clutter later. Dragdis solves all this by allowing you to drag and drop links, images, videos and text to folders that appear on the right side of your browser the moment you start dragging something. With two full days of Dragdis behind me, I am a very happy user as links and smaller pieces of content ar organized and easily shareable.

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Kippt Brings Depth And Clarity To Bookmarking

"One thing I've learned over the years, it's that you should just build something and put it out there. If people don't care, you can fix it. If people care, then you're off to a good start," says Karri Saarinen, co-founder of Kippt. It sounds like advice he's given at tens of RailsGirls events, but he's put it to practice and reaped the benefits at his newest project. Kippt is a bookmarking platform designed for professionals to collect, organize, and share information easily.

The service operates through a bookmarklet or browser extension. When you collect something to Kippt, the page and its content becomes searchable, organizable, readable on your devices and easily shared with other people. Kippt is flexible in the sense that you don’t need to worry about losing any bookmarks or information, or how you’re going to use the information, or where to put it.

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Utopic Re-Focuses On Visual Bookmarking And Content Discovery

Utopic, a service created by Estonian Jüri Kaljundi and his team, started off as a way to understand what your friends are sharing online. This was back in March and there's a blog to remind us. I remember talking to Kaljundi back then and it was also a time when similar products were on the market, mainly from the US. It's refreshing to see the new direction of Utopic though - one that focuses on visual bookmarking and content discovery.

It's important to note the difference, even though one could argue that "you could already do this with the previous iteration of the service". It's not what you're able to do with the service, but what it aims to become. It's true, but the new UI and approach the service takes, makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

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