BrightArch Closes Seed Financing

BrightArch is a Norwegian based software company that developed a service called OrganizationWeaver. The service is used in large corporations during restructures/staffing changes and an aide to change management. Basically what that means is that large corporations can use the software to help them guide through large mergers or downsizings of companies where you can't simply continue working as previously when the staff is cut in half or doubled. Until now, the company has been financed by the founders. Kima Ventures led the round and was completed by BrightArch's new board of directors. They consist of Scandinavian and UK business executives.

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Latvian MoVoLo Wins The Tallinn Elevator Pitch Competition

Last week Tallinn was hot with startup and entrepreneur activity. Latvian travel search engine startup MoVoLo won the Elevator Pitch Competition organized by ArcticStartup and Tehnopol Estonia as part of the Third Annual Tallinn Conference by The International Technology Law Association and Enterprise Estonia. Also ArcticEvening Tallinn, among other startup events the same week, gathered a great crowd of entrepreneurs and likeminded people together.

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BrightArch Launches Toolkit For Optimizing Mergers and Corporate Restructuring

A new Norwegian startup BrightArch has officially launched a software product named OrganizationWeaver. Intriguingly, BrightArch is focused on a very specific niche, yet a tangible and a big problem: staffing problems in companies going through transformational reorganizations or post-merger integrations.

Typically, when big companies restructure, thousands of people are affected. If not properly handled, the positions in the new organization often get filled suboptimally, and many of the employees are unhappy with the selection process, triggering many resignations over time, resulting in lost talent. (More on the specifics of the problem in BrightArch's blog.)

BrightArch aims to considerably ease and speed up the process, also resulting in much greater employee post-reorganization satisfaction. Nick Peters, CMO, and Tor Kielland, Founder and CEO, provided ArcticStartup with some extra details regarding the fresh company.

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