Burt expands to Norway, Focuses Development on Rich

Following the company's €2.2 million investment from Industrifonden and angel-investors last year, Sweden-based Burt is expanding to Norway, as part of their expansion program. The company produces tools to help advertisers and agencies improve the efficiency and effect of their online campaigns, which we covered last June. Their main product, Rich, distinguishes itself by focusing on the media industry and offering analytics that form a more complete overview of the environment in which their ads are being displayed. As a result ad-buyers can compare online performance of their ads with broadcast and print advertising and media agencies get a greater control over ads, their vital revenue source. 

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Burt Gets Funded

Online advertising is an industry full of problems and possibilities. Hence, there are a lot of start-ups working in that sphere from different angles. Burt is a Swedish company founded in 2009 that makes software tools for the advertising industry. Their three main products include Copybox (a tool for copyrighters), Meme Machine (cloud computing for marketing data) and Rich (online campaign analytics tool). Burt recently closed $3M funding from Industrifonden. The new investment is said to be used for international expansion and further improvement of their campaign analytics tool Rich. This is Burt's second investment since foundation. Back in 2009 the company received $500,000 angel funding.

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Burt Launches Rich, Google Analytics For Banners And Widgets

RichBurt, a Swedish analytics company that is literally spun off from an Advertising agency is launching a new analytics service called Rich. More specifilly, Rich is an analytics tool for campaigns. Their other products include Copybox - "a Photoshop for copywriters", basically a smart text editor and Mememachine which provides cloud computing for marketing data.

Burt reveals Rich today at the famous Demo conference that's currently held in the US. As Burt stated in their blog, the latest Swedish company (well, at least partly Swedish) presenting a product at Demo was Skype, and we all know how that company ended up.

In short, the idea behind Rich is to give agencies everything they need on one simple report page, that answers critical questions such as “was the ad visible?”, “how long was it visible?” and “did people notice it?"

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Plugg2009 Annouces Finalists for the Startup Pitching Competition

Plugg, the European one-day conference on celebrating of entrepreneurship and innovation announced today the 20 final nominees for the Startup Rally. Finalists also include three arctic startups: Burt and Senseboard from Sweden and Hammerkit from Finland. Plugg is taking place on March 12 in Brussels. If you're interested to see the most promising European web and mobile startups, TechCrunch is offering a 15% discount.

hammerkitHammerKit(from the ArcticIndex): is a web application service platform that has been developed to make it easier and faster to build dynamic, data-driven web sites. The platform allows an entire web site or application to be designed, assembled, deployed and managed online from reusable components in minutes.

burt-logo-hi_resBurt helps marketing agencies to perform better in the new read-write web. They want take advertising and analytics past the cost-per-click methods and banners. Current product offering includes: Copybox - "a Photoshop for copywriters", basically a smart text editor, Mememachine - cloudcomputing for marketing data, and Rich - an analytics tool for campaigns.

senseboardSenseboard develops cool wearable technology on for hand gesture based computer interaction. Two hand bands or glovers enable a method for capturing, analyzing and interpreting hand and finger movements.

Total of 133 European companies registered to the competition and 20 were selected from these. ArcticStartup congratulates all the chosen startups and wishes extra luck for the arctic startups!

Click in to see the full list.

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Nordic And Baltic Companies Non-Existent In TC50

Currently, the most talked about startup event in the world is the TechCrunch50 being organised in San Francisco by Michael Arrington's TechCrunch. Mike Butcher wrote an article in the UK version of TechCrunch about the non-existence of European companies, compared to Israeli startups (there were 5 Israeli startups present).

Now if we look at this from a Nordic and Baltic perspective - the only Nordic company we could find in the participation list was Burt (Sweden). While the investments required for such a trip is high, I was wondering if it really is worth the money for the European companies or do they already receive enough visibility here in Europe?

I know the Israeli companies in general are pushing more aggressively to the US market, while European startups can somehow still manage locally here in Europe with its 300 million domestic market. So there are differences in strategies, but I'm throwing the ball to the entrepreneurs - what do you guys think, is it worth the money? or do we need something like this in Europe? Or is there an explanation I've missed for Europe's absence (could it be that many applied, but did not get through)?

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