Merry Christmas from ArcticStartup: 2013 In Review

Wow, what a year it has been. We want to thank you all for reading what we had to say, and for taking part in the journey. On behalf of the whole ArcticStartup team, Merry Christmas!

It was an important year for the region and for ArcticStartup. We had to restart the blog and while it was tough, in the end our numbers improved significantly and we could not have done it without you. In addition to that we started venturing out and doing other exciting things such as the Minimum Viable Office, our co-working space in central Helsinki. Then there is, which many of you heard about already, which is going to be our "Angel List" for Northern Europe and Baltics.

But before we expand on all of that, we want to give you a little Christmas present in the shape of the absolute TOP 10 articles on in 2013. So let's get right into it:

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Join Us This Wednesday For A Little Christmas Get-Together!

This Wednesday, the 28th of November, we're putting on a little Christmas event in Helsinki with Future Female. We're going to be meeting up at Siltanen for a pretty casual evening - just a good excuse for the community to get together before the holidays. I'm not sure if we've found a sponsor for drinks yet, so booze is probably on you.

The significant digits you should know are: 18:00-22:00 at Siltanen, Hämeentie 13 B. More info can be found on the Facebook event page, where we encourage you to sign up. It's going to be a lot of fun - see you on Wednesday!

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Future Female + ArcticStartup Pre-Christmas Party December 1st

Mark it down in your calendar - December 1st. That's the day we will be throwing a little pre-Christmas party together with Future Female. The event will take place in Siltanen, Hämeentie 13B here in Helsinki, Finland. The event is expected to kick-off at around 6pm. Even though, the event is free we'd like you to sign-up with a form that will be provided at a later date. To learn more about signing up to the event, join the Future Female facebook page. This is also the first time Future Female events are open for men.

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Happy Holidays!

It's been an action packed autumn and now it's time for some well earned R&R, but not to worry - we'll return to our regular operations right after Christmas on Monday the 27th. We hope you enjoy your time off and spend it with loved ones, they are among the most important people that enable and both drive entrepreneurs forward.

We've made a Christmas tradition to support entrepreneurs in emerging nations through Kiva. We've setup an ArcticStartup community that you can join too.

Happy holidays and we welcome you back on the 27th of December!

Image by Markus YK

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Merry Christmas From ArcticStartup!

Christmas is here again and I have to say many agree, it always surprises you in how quickly the year has gone. Without getting too sentimental, it's been a great year for us. We've managed to hold 9 events in many of the Nordic and Baltic cities, break stories from the Nordics and Baltics globally and also push out a lot of news on an everyday basis to quench your thirst for startup news. I'd like to thank each and every one of you on behalf of the ArcticStartup team for reading our stories, attending our events, re-tweeting our stories and in general being part of the posse that's creating a better ecosystem for entrepreneurship. You guys make this worthwhile!

However, Christmas time is also a time of giving. While many bootstrap and don't exactly enjoy large amounts of liquidity, we can still help. Like before, I'd like to focus your attention to the website helping third world entrepreneurs through micro financing. It's a great way to help out the societies elsewhere in the world and what's best - through entrepreneurship.

If you fancy helping out the entrepreneurs in the third world like we did, join our community team in and take a few minutes to lend $25 USD or more.

Happy holidays!!!

ps. We're enjoying a little time off with our families and relatives, but will be back for a few days after Christmas so don't leave us altogether!

Photo by Darwin Bell

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Santa Claus Iphone App

Since Christmas is coming we also wanted to tune in and bring something Christmasy to our readers on the eve of the holiday season and what can be more timely than Santa Claus Iphone app. A Finnish company, Iconia AE Ltd and Smart Media Factory, have released a Santa Claus ipone app as collaborative project.

The mobile publication consists of 25 articles and stories, a map of the Santa Claus -land, a variety of Christmas related activities and a Christmas calendar. It is only available in English this Christmas from the Apple App Store.

Smart Media Factory specialices in crossmedia products and developing shared platforms. Iconia AE Ltd is a Helsinki based company, which creates and produces creative interactive solutions for a variety of computer and mobile platforms.

The app will set you back 1.59€ in the app store.

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