Good! Wunderbar! Magnifique! - Etuma Collects And Analyzes Customer Feedback

With the advent of social media customers today have multiple channels to express how they feel about a product or service. But how can companies efficiently capture all such comments to derive overall trends and meanings? Etuma, a Finnish start-up, has built a text analysis engine that collects feedback (mainly from social media), breaks every text-based customer message into sentences and creates discussion topics based on the extracted meanings. The topics are then categorized into two types: problematic topics that need to be addressed and admiring topics that can be used for selling and marketing communications. The results are visualized and presented in real-time.

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HappyOrNot: Instant Satisfaction Information Is Just A Click Away

HappyorNotA dissatisfied customer is the worst worry for any firm, which is why many companies or brands are willing to spend endlessly to ensure each customer is happy. The question is how you monitor whether the customers are satisfied or not? Leave comment cards or drop boxes? Quite ancient in my opinion and often many don’t have the time and convenience to put their thoughts to paper. Step in HappyOrNot, that sticks to simplicity; a smiley that says everything.

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Skype Reacts To Skype 5 For Mac Feedback

Skype has for the first time reacted to the public fury regarding their new Skype 5 update for the Mac. The app was released earlier this year and ever since it has received a lot of feedback, mostly negative, due to the large redesign many consider a step back from version 2.8. On Friday, April 1st mind you, Skype finally reacted to the feedback with a blog post.

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