How To Manage Your Startup's U.S. Expansion

The U.S. is still the land of opportunity for many European startup companies. Having a permanent location in San Francisco or New York can plug you into most of the world's VC and Angel money, and the U.S. is basically one big homogenous market for your startup to take advantage of. Despite the benefits of being there, it's expensive to hire developer talent in the hub cities, and it can be tough to convince your existing team to pack up and move. So many European startups are left split between continents.

Clearly it's difficult to stay on top of everything when half of your team is eating dinner while the other half are just waking up. San Francisco is a 10 hour difference from Finland, while New York clocks in at 7. I find it becomes an big ordeal to even schedule a quick interview with people located on the west coast, so I can't imagine trying to run a business split between the two. To share the best practices of how to manage Team USA and Team Europe, I spoke with Ville Miettinen of Microtask as well as William Wolfram of Dealdash.

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Jukka Hassinen On Why He Joined DealDash

After hearing that Jukka Hassinen, the ex-CEO of Brain Alliance was hired as the CTO of DealDash, I became curious what factors led him to join the young company when he clearly had many options open as one of the leading PHP developers in Finland. Hassinen was brought on board as a guru and CTO to help DealDash scale. Since DealDash’s platform is written in PHP, bringing a seasoned PHP expert like Jukka was an important strategic move for the startup.

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Powered By The #EstonianMafia

ArcticEvening Tallinn was held yesterday in the great premises of Technopolis Ülemiste. Around 100 people gathered to the event to both network and listen to a top notch presentation by William Wolfram of DealDash on startup metrics. Technopolis Ülemiste had also sponsored some snacks and drinks at the venue, which naturally helped break the ice. Wolfram gave a very packed and high quality presentation on how DealDash sees and works with metrics. What made it all the better was the personal experience he was able to share in also where they went wrong.

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#2 - In The Low Eight Figures

Unfair Advantage is out! Our guest this week is William Wolfram, the CEO and founder of DealDash. DealDash is a penny auction site with a lot of small innovations to improve the shopping experience. We talked to Will about pretty much everything related to DealDash; how he started it, what he did when he started the company, how they're doing financially and so forth. Listen in to hear the story of DealDash and what Will thinks of running a company that does revenue in the low eight figures annually.

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DealDash Recruiting Talent With Strong Growth And $1M Investment

Our January's recruiting partner is DealDash, a Helsinki, Finland based startup. They operate a "gamified" shopping site that we've been covering recently. Back in October we covered their growth in quite a bit of detail, but we're very happy to report that this growth has further continued and seems to continue into the future. To fuel this, they of course require the best of talent that is out there.

Currently DealDash is looking for front-end developers. If you've got your doubts about the financials of this particular startup, you need not worry.

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DealDash Sees Explosion Of Growth

DealDash filled us in with some exciting numbers that must make the Helsinki/Sunnyvale based "shopping as entertainment" company one of the fastest growing startups coming out of Finland today. CEO William Wolfram tells us during the last 12 months the company has quadrupled its revenue and is operating profitably. And today, DealDash ships more than 10,000 products a month with revenue approaching the 8-figure mark.

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Interview With William Wolfram, CEO of DealDash

We decided to interview William Wolfram, the CEO of DealDash. A startup that's registered in Finland, but operates mainly in the US market. Not a very common sight, but then again neither is the business DealDash is in. The interview is quite a long one, but then again - we felt it should be published in its entirety as it contains a wealth of valuable information.

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DealDash – An Ecommerce Monster That’s Also Entertaining

Every now and then I boast about the next big thing coming from the Nordics and now I believe I have found a seed for one of those monsters.

Social Shopping is one of the fastest growing online consumer markets and there’s a Finnish startup right in the middle. DealDash, a Finnish startup, is making $200k+ a month and has currently 130k+ users, and its growing fast. Their annual revenue run-rate is approaching the $3m mark and sales have doubled in the last 6 months.

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