DNA and Deezer on the way to break 'The Finnish Paradox'

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post for DNA Engine written by Mathieu Molinero, Head of New Markets at Deezer.

The music streaming revolution has started 5 years ago and keeps growing years after years, bringing growth once again to the music industry (+44% in volume and + 59% in total value in 2012). This revolution is at the expense of physical sales with the appearance of new technologies and new devices like smartphones and now tablets. Music streaming is also a new way of consumption that totally corresponds to our modern society : access to millions of songs, anytime, anywhere, on any device for the price of 8 tracks on legal downloading platforms (9,99€).

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Finland's Music Kickup offers first Free Music Distribution service for Artists

To publish music on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer, artists use one of a number of publishing platforms like CD baby or TuneChord to get their tracks in front of mass audiences. Currently these platforms have some sort of fee for artists to get music up on the web, but Helsinki-based Music Kickup announces today that they're launching the first-ever free music distribution service, meaning up-and coming artists don't have to pay any fee to get their tracks available to audiences on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Deezer. Today MusicKickup now launches their service publicly.

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The War Is On: Rdio Launches All Over Nordics To Compete With Spotify

There is no doubt about it, the war for online music streaming space is on and its about to get nasty. Prior to today, the competing companies, Spotify, Rdio, WiMP were only getting ready for battle. Counting troops, building war machines and marking territory.

Today, Rdio announced that they have launched free web music streaming in 15 countries, including pretty much every country in the ArcticStartup region with the exception of Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. Now this is not a big news per say, as we have already covered the fact that they have silently launched first in Denmark and then in other Nordic countries.

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Spotify Launched In Germany Without Large Group Of Copyright Holders

GigaOm reports that Spotify launched in Germany this past week without backing of GEMA, the German Society of Administration of Copyrights. The organization represents the copyrights of more than 64,000 members, as well as over 2 million copyright owners all over the world. Negotiations between GEMA and Spotify are still ongoing, with the final negotiations said to take place later this month. Spotify has always placed weight on the by-the-books legality of their service, which is why it is interesting they went ahead with the launch.

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