Report On The WP7 Marketplace's First Year

Before Nokia's new fleet of Windows phones start moving globally, we should take a look at how the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has preformed since it opened November of last year. Distimo has just put out a report called Windows Phone 7 Marketplace: One Year Later, which summarizes the size and trends of the WP7 marketplace.  The report suggests that the marketplace is growing strongly, but obviously it still has a way to go before it catches up with the iPhone app store.

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Analyzing Mobile Appstores

Distimo, a Dutch company that does app store market analysis, has recently published a study comparing Android Market and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in US for January 2011. The reason those two specific mobile app stores were chosen was because both had the highest growth rates during the last month: Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Marketplace rose by 30% and Android by 18%. The study also included Apple, Blackberry, Ovi and Palm appstores to compare with Android and WP7 marketplace. With the announcement of Nokia's and Microsoft's new cooperation, the study is well-timed and brings out some fascinating trends in the mobile appstores.

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iPad Apps Sell At A Higher Price

Distimo, an app store analytics company, has released their data for April regarding the Apple App Store. This is of interest as it is the first time since they report on the iPad App sales and how they do compared to iPhone sales. Also, the number of iPad applications in the App Store has increased dramatically in the last two weeks of April. On April 12th there were 2654 iPad apps while two weeks later, on April 26th there were 3437 apps resulting in a 30% increase.

The most important information from the report, however, is that on average iPad apps sell at a higher price than iPhone applications. On average, an application for the iPhone in the App Store costs $3.82 while an application for the iPad costs $4.67. iPad apps sell at almost 22,2% higher prices than iPhone apps. This of course could still be a result of the fact that there aren't all that many iPad apps even though we're talking about thousands of them. At the moment there are over 184 000 iPhone apps available.

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