Trip Hawkins coming back to Finland to Speak at Arctic15: Exit Path

Trip Hawkins, the man known for his involvement in the early days of Apple and founder of EA and Digital Chocolate, will be back in Finland on the 27th of May at the Arctic15: Exit Path, where you'll also have the chance to meet him one-on-one.

But who is Trip Hawkins really, and how did he become a big name in the gaming industry? Without us having done a true speaker bio yet, a quick reminder of Hawkins’ history seems to be in order.

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Supercell Is Bigger Than Electronic Arts In Terms Of Monthly iOS Revenue

App Annie’s data for November is in and for the first time Supercell is now in first place, surpassing the gaming giant, EA, in terms of monthly iOS revenue.

“I am out of words. Supercell was the largest publisher on the Apple platform in November, measured by revenue. And with just two apps!” was the message on Ilkka Paananen’s , Supercell CEO’s Facebook timeline this morning and rightly so. Electronic Arts, the runner up, has 969 titles on iOS.

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