Adventures in E-Learning By BranchTrack

Have you ever tried to create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book? I have, twice. The first time left me with a whirlwind of paper strewn across the floor and my childish patience broken; I decided to go play football instead. The second time I was older, wiser and more patient. I tried using PowerPoint and then OneNote to create a great branching adventure narrative. I ended up with so many broken links, mixed up slides and a terrible headache that I ditched it and went out to watch a movie.

BranchTrack has come along to help me realise my dream. Alright, maybe their vision is a little bigger than that. They’ve come to rock the world of e-learning and are creating a service that helps businesses train staff with a strong, flexible and fun program.

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Latvia's Eegloo 'Incubator' Can Get Your MVP Built for 10-90% Equity

When we first heard about a new incubator in Riga, Latvia we were really excited as Latvia definitely needs a few more. So, naturally, we looked into it and realised that its not really an incubator in its standard form. What the team behind Eegloo will do is take startups at the very earliest stage possible and build the product for you and/or with you.

This is great news for all of you out there that have the "next big idea", but can not find a good technical co-founder or perhaps your team does not have the necessary skills to complete your first prototype. Sounds good, and we were excited.

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