Hardware is the Future and You Can Make Your Own in 48 Hours

There is one thing I absolutely love and that is gadgets. The beauty of the whole concept is that they are slowly turning from the geeky nerd fab into something a little more mainstream. With the advent of 3D Printing, hardware prototyping platforms such as arduino/raspberry pi and crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, we are truly in the age of gadgets.

Back in the day, when I tried to get the first ever MP3 CD-Player for a couple of hundred bucks, people though I was mad. Now, it is normal to chase gadgets and nearly everybody has some. However what is a lot more impressive, and important, is that we can all create gadgets without having to buy-out factories in China and raise millions of EUR’s in funding. In fact with some of the modern tools for prototyping, it should be possible to put something together in a matter of a couple of days.

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How Sexy Is Your Gadget?

Apart from being very useful, gadgets can also be the source of pride or, as it turns out, a source of attraction. A recent study by Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping and review site, looked into how and what do people find attractive when it comes to gadgets. The sample included over 1000 people living in US distributed across gender, age, income and location. Turns out, men are overwhelmingly attracted to cool phones and laptops while reading a book is still cooler than using an iPad. Women, on the other hand, found cool laptops slightly more attractive than cool phones and reading a book was reported to be 1% more attractive then using an iPad. Well-off people in general (those earning over $200,000/year) were more attracted to cool phones (71%) and laptops (61%) than iPads (54%).

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