Growth Companies Accounted For Half Of Employment Effect In Finland Between 2006-2009

As our partnership with Nexit Ventures is coming to an end, so are the items we'll be covering. In the second last item we're covering - we'll focus on the importance of startups in an ecosystem, such as Finland in this case with recently published data. The importance of growth companies to an ecosystem is mostly known by the entrepreneurs running these companies. They see the potential that so many others fail to see. The data in this post should strike as interesting to many, to say the least.

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Finnish Ministry Finally Understands Importance Of Growth Companies

Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy yesterday announced their first study (better late than never) into the growth company ecosystem in Finland. Like said, it is first of its kind, but this will become an annual look into the effect these companies play for the Finnish society. The study is downloadable online (in Finnish) for free, but we'll go through the main points here and what this might potentially mean in the political sense. The focus of the study is on employment and how many people these so called growth companies can employ. It turns out that during 2006 and 2009, 691 companies created around 50 000 jobs. 50 000 jobs in Finnish terms in just three years is huge, but 691 growth companies by any standards isn't a lot.

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