Finland and Baltics Grab Investors' Attention At Mobile World Congress

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With nearly 100 companies participating or exhibiting, Finland and the Baltic States clearly made a lot of noise at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, the worlds largest exhibition for the mobile industry. The companies from the region clearly demonstrated that this is an important location for everybody, especially investors to be interested in.

As Michael Jackson, former COO of Skype and currently the general partner of Mangrove Capital Partners told Arcticstartup: "This year's MWC was huge! The new venue is massive, and I would say it needs a year to settle down."

Nokia is no longer the single focus point and there are many others that are making a dent in the market thanks to an abundance of talent and strong entrepreneurial spirit. This creates the perfect ingredients for companies that are aiming to conquer the global market. Companies from the region do so through breakthrough innovation and an understanding that in order to be a global player, they need to think big right from the start.

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Annia Capital Looking For Entrepreneurs

Annia Capital, a Nordic investment firm with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm, is currently looking for high-potentential entrepreneurs that can take advantage of their experience and capital. Annia's focus is fairly broad, but generally they're looking for products and services with clear international growth potential. Most of their investments will be in early stage firms, with a technology focus, or other businesses as long as they are asset light.

Annia Capital is not built around a traditional fund structure, but are investing their own funds and engaging co-investors on a case-by-case basis. Instead of a specific investment plan, Mikko Silventola, a founding partner at Annia Capital says, "Our premise is that the support we can provide (marketing, contacts, know-how, etc) is at least as important as the capital we provide and hence we want to make sure we partner with the best possible people/institutions for a given situation"

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Startups: Deadline For Arctic15 VC Meetings End Of This Month!

Startups, we're closing the signups to the VC matchmaking event, held on Friday September 23rd, at the end of August. This is because we have to book the meetings with the VCs, many whom are flying in from overseas. Therefore we ask you to sign-up immediately, if you'd like to have the chance to meet international VCs coming to Arctic15.

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The Maths Behind Venture Capital

I want to be fully honest about this, but I'm really thrilled to be sharing information like this so openly about the venture capital business with the help of Nexit Ventures about the mathematics behind the venture capital business. While it's pretty straight forwards on a basic level, it's great to get these figures actually with comments from an actual investor. In this post, we'll look at the fundamental financials and why venture capitalists are looking for certain growth figures in the way they invest.

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The VC Business Is Going Through A Big Change In Europe

In this post, we talk about how the venture capital industry is going through a change, perhaps one of the biggest it has had, since its founding days. By change we mean how the potential of business is diminishing to ever more smaller investors, such as angel investors. We talked about this choice from an entrepreneurs' point of view in more detail in a post back in December. Some investors in Northern Europe have gone as far as stopping new investments altogether.

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Russia's (Future) Silicon Valley

Russian media has recently been buzzing with news about the Skolkovo project, dubbed Russia’s Silicon Valley. Named after a business school nearby, Skolkovo will be a modern tech-hub for development and commercialization of new technology in the fields of energy, IT, communication, biomedical research and nuclear technology. Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree to build Skolkovo already in 2009, building works will start in the second half of 2011 and construction is estimated to take 3-7 years. The overall budget for the project is $4-6 billion. Half of the sum would come from Russia's Federal budget, the other from co-financing agreements. Built on the outskirts of Moscow covering 3.7 km2, Skolkovo will be home for 40,000 people. Although Skolkovo currently exists only on paper, the project has already signed partnership deals with Nokia, Microsoft, Siemens and Rusatom, just to name a few.

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