Coworking in the mountains of Norway

Coworking across northern Europe is thriving thanks to the likes of Oslo’s MESH, Stockholm’s Entrepreneurs Church and newly opened SUP46 and Arctic Startup’s own Minimum Viable Office in Helsinki. Activity and networks cluster around these centres and momentum builds, benefiting everyone.

Everyone that lives in these cities, of course.

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Startup Space Launched by GE Healthcare in Helsinki

It looks like everyone is jumping on the startup ship. From governments, to corporations, to media, people are getting excited by what by now looks like a movement.

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PicHit.Me receive $3m first investment

Competition in the field of photo marketplaces is very high and when we first heard word of PicHit.Me’s investment we were glad for them but at the same time cautious as to whether they could really achieve the high goals set. We have been told that they might do for photos what Spotify did with music and Skype communications. That’s a very high bar to reach in an area where many start-ups have pitched their tents. So what is it about PicHit.Me that has convinced Swedish VC Almi Invest to put its money behind them?

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Nordic & Baltic Startups Hunting For London Expansions

Editor's note: this is a sponsored post by UK Trade and Investment

Whenever somebody asks me why Nordic/Baltic startups are performing so well, one of the main arguments tends to be the fact that they simply have no other choice. Coming from relatively small home markets, they simply have got to think global from day one. 

If you are in Finland for instance, you can probably conquer your home niche market in a matter of months if not weeks. This, forces companies to think about expansion early on and hence global success too.

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Chris Thür of Ovelin puts down the Guitar to Show Us Their Office

Yesterday we did a call for Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs to show off there startup pads, and we've already gotten hit by Helsinki-based guitar teaching startup Ovelin, maker of the guitar teaching apps, Wildchords and GuitarBots.

In the above picture, Thür says, "You can see our fun room featuring a drum kit, piano, Ramses the weird synthesizer, grass floor, Carsten the crocodile, a tribute to super mario on the wall, and furniture in Tetris block style, a flamingo hat and plenty of other weird things to be discovered."

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Startup Crib: Tuubio

Startup Crib is a series of posts dedicated to start-ups' offices. The visual tour around a start-up’s office gives readers a real-life picture of how and where entrepreneurs work and gives a chance to meet the team behind the company. Different offices have their own perks and peculiarities so sit back and enjoy!

This week in Startup Crib series we feature Tuubio, a Finnish start-up based in Helsinki that is building the future of radio. Founded in early April this year, their product is still in stealth mode, though they are launching a closed alpha test of Android application in early August. In this video, Jens Sørensen, co-founder and CEO, shows us around their office in downtown Helsinki.

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