Interviewing Software Entrepreneurs: Teppo Kattilakoski, CEO Of Granite Partners

This is a series of posts, written in co-operation with the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurs working with software. This post is about Teppo Kattilakoski, the CEO of Granite Partners. The company develops enterprise risk and security management software.

In this series, we try to dig deep into the backgrounds of the entrepreneurs and their companies. You can also win a ticket to Arctic15 by subscribing to the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs newsletter over here.

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Sponsored: GigsWiz Is Empowering Bands And Their Fans In Concert Ticket Promotion

This post is sponsored by the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association as part of their competition on ArcticStartup. Feel free to participate in the competition for your chance to win a free promotional article.

Live music seems to be one of the few remaining viable business models available for bands. Paul Resnikoff recently provided a quick list of top 13 lessons learned in digital music. Not only is the recorded music industry slowly but surely diminishing, it has never been a very lucrative business for most bands. There are simply too many middle-men. In the recorded music industry the average artists is estimated to earn only $23,40 for every $1000 worth of music sold.

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