Plugg - A Stage For European Startups To Shine

Plugg, one of the better conferences in Europe, is held 11 March in Belgacom Surf House at Brussels. It's a one-day conference with a clear focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and raising global awareness for those European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field that stand out in the crop.

There's certainly not too much celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and we are excited to see Plugg bringing together some of the best thinkers and startups on the continent. Our good friend and established writer at TechCrunch, Robin Wauters is at it again and is going to showcase the best that Europe has to offer. Plugg is a must for anyone who's anybody in the European startup scene.

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Plugg2009 Annouces Finalists for the Startup Pitching Competition

Plugg, the European one-day conference on celebrating of entrepreneurship and innovation announced today the 20 final nominees for the Startup Rally. Finalists also include three arctic startups: Burt and Senseboard from Sweden and Hammerkit from Finland. Plugg is taking place on March 12 in Brussels. If you're interested to see the most promising European web and mobile startups, TechCrunch is offering a 15% discount.

hammerkitHammerKit(from the ArcticIndex): is a web application service platform that has been developed to make it easier and faster to build dynamic, data-driven web sites. The platform allows an entire web site or application to be designed, assembled, deployed and managed online from reusable components in minutes.

burt-logo-hi_resBurt helps marketing agencies to perform better in the new read-write web. They want take advertising and analytics past the cost-per-click methods and banners. Current product offering includes: Copybox - "a Photoshop for copywriters", basically a smart text editor, Mememachine - cloudcomputing for marketing data, and Rich - an analytics tool for campaigns.

senseboardSenseboard develops cool wearable technology on for hand gesture based computer interaction. Two hand bands or glovers enable a method for capturing, analyzing and interpreting hand and finger movements.

Total of 133 European companies registered to the competition and 20 were selected from these. ArcticStartup congratulates all the chosen startups and wishes extra luck for the arctic startups!

Click in to see the full list.

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Plugg Startup Rally 2009 Deadline Closing conferencePlugg, the one day conference organised in Brussels, will be closing its Startup Rally 2009 submissions on February 4th. Plugg is taking place on the 13th of March and this year will showcase an interesting line-up of speakers from around the globe, including the former CEO and current chairman of the board of Dopplr Lisa Sounio.

Plugg is organised by Robin Wauters, a Techcrunch writer, who has this to say about the startup competition, "we want to give those European startups with the most potential a chance to raise their profile in front of the world, which in our case means hundreds of professional web practicioners, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and trade press / bloggers." 20 most prominent startups from Europe will have a chance to give a 2-minute pitch to the audience at the conference. Registering is free and all you have to do is fit the criteria provided. Read more about registering on this minisite.

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