Signal - Big Brother software for recruiters is coming

Cold calling is horrible. Let’s face it, no one likes receiving anonymous phone calls, especially when what's asked of them isn’t what they’d like to hear. Likewise having to be the person making the cold calls is a horrible, unsatisfying, soul crushing experience knowing that most of the people who answer aren’t going to welcome your call, and will most likely react negatively. Finnish startup Joberate want to change things around in the recruitment field so that never has to happen again.

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Jobylon Bounty Crowdsources Headhunting Through A Facebook App

Are attitudes towards Facebook shifting where users will start using it more for job seeking? Stockholm-based social job board, Jobylon, has now put a major focus on their "Bounty" jobs where users can refer their facebook friends for jobs, and receive 'bounties' in return. The result is an interesting take on recruiting - sort of a crowdsourced headhunting Facebook app.

The way it works is pretty simple. Users log into Jobylon as a Facebook app, where their algorithm automatically matches their friends (and your friends' friends) to jobs, based on their studies or occupation on Facebook. If the matches look good, you can refer a friend to a job, which is sent as a private Facebook message. If they accept they can forward their details to the employer, and if your recommended candidates get hired, you get rewarded. Of course you can also apply to these jobs yourself, but the cool hook here is the reward system.

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September's Recruiting Partner: Blaast

September's recruiting partner here at ArcticStartup is Blaast. Blaast is a very talented company innovating in the space of mobile and looking for exceptional people to work with them. Their offering is very interesting, so if you fit their open job descriptions I strongly suggest you contact the company for more information and apply. Check our coverage on the company earlier this year, when they raised financing.

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Skyhood Launches Rekrysoft, We Have Beta Beta Access For You

Ever had to hire someone and as a technologist you go in search of tools that could help you? Skyhood is now offering Rekrysoft (all in Finnish at the moment, unfortunately), a SaaS-based application to help companies better handle the recruiting process. The application emphasizes ease of use, and in the process puts focus on decision making and communication. Towards the bottom of this article you can find out how you can sign-up for the service.

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Looking For Talent? We Can Help

For the past 3 weeks or so we've been promoting Applifier and their recruiting needs. Applifier is one of the fastest growing Finnish companies and like many of its kinds, one of the hardest things to do to support the growth is to find the right people. We've come up with an interesting promotional product and we think it's a good fit for companies looking to find the best people for their company.

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Duunitori Grew Huge In The Shadows

Duunitori ("job-market square" in English) is a service by the Finland based Skyhood. It's a recruiting service with a few interesting twists and it has gone head on with the traditional household names in the market. However, the most interesting aspect of the service perhaps is that in all quietness, it has become the largest job listing service in Finland, according to Thomas Grönholm, co-founder of Skyhood.

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Mr. Goodliving Plays It Until The Very End

Last week we wrote about Mr. Goodliving and its parent company RealNetworks closing down the company in Finland. The downside of the whole episode is that close to 50 people will lose their jobs. The company is playing the game until the end in a very stylish way. Today we noticed that instead of hiring new talent, they're showing the list of people they are firing. A great way to find new homes (in the meaning of work) for the talented individuals inside the company.

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Mobile Joomla Powers More Than 2.6M Pages Already

Mobile Joomla is a simple, but useful add-on to Joomla. The extension does one thing, but does it well - it creates a mobile version of your Joomla site. Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) that powers currently 2.7% of all websites globally. Mobile Joomla is an addition to the original CMS that renders your website readable for the mobile browsers out there. The app is developed by Kuneri and full disclosure; ArcticStartup's co-founder Miikka Kukkosuo helps with the business development aspects. Mobile Joomla was released into invitation only alpha in early 2010, and during the year they have made mobile versions over 2.6M individual pages. Over 40,000 users use Mobile Joomla currently.

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Talentag Wants To Make Online Recruiting More Social

The team behind an Estonian startup has come out with a new product Talentag. The company is focusing on the online recruiting space and is already a house hold name with their release of in May this year. is a social media recruitment service to post job ads, share them to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and add rewards and incentives for people to spread the word.

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Oskar Stål Appointed New Spotify CTO

SpotifySpotify blog has a post out that they have appointed a new CTO, Oskar Stål. He comes to Spotify from mBlox, a mobile transaction company he helped grow to a $100M business from a five-man team. The experience from mBlox is the main reason behind hiring Stål. Andres Sehr from Spotify writes that his experience in the art of building high performing technology teams and producing scalable, robust services in a fast growing environment is a significant advantage.

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Get In The Know With ArcticIndex

ArcticIndexThe second half of 2009 is well under way as the late comers have finally returned from their summer holidays and the focus is once again put back into work. While the economies around the world are showing slight rebound from the nasty recession, things are still uncertain. This however doesn't seem to be the case with startups - the uncertainty has not startups all that hard, compared to the bigger giants. One proof of this is that many startups are still recruiting.

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Icelandic Gaming Juggernaut CCP

CCPLibrary House awarded the Icelandic gaming company CCP as one of the hottest mediatech companies most likely to change the media technology industry in the world. I decided to dig a little deeper into the company to see what they are up to. In short CCP is the developer and father of the MMORPG Eve Online.

Eve Online is a relatively old, but still some what popular, massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game (or MMORPG). According to, CCP gathers just under 100k unique visitors a month. You need a client to play the game and it costs 19,95€ a for a 30 day period. Eve Online has over 200 000 subscribers, and with some quick calculations that makes at least 4M € a month, if all the subscribers are paying members.

CCP is a relatively large Icelandic company that merged back in 2006 with White Wolf Publishing Inc to create the largest virtual gaming universe, at least this was the case back in 2006 when World of Warcraft wasn't quite as popular. White Wolf Publiching Inc was a popular published of offline role playing games and one of the reasons for the merger was to combine these talents into synergies that would yield better results both offline and online.

Furthermore the company has offices in UK, Iceland, US and a representative office in China. They also have more than 40 jobs open so they definitely see growth in this sector despite the downturn (according to Fox Business, they had more than 300 employees back in June).

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