$4 Million Investment Into Norwegian Mobile Site Conversion Startup - bMobilized.

With the new $2.5 million A funding series from Norway’s Alliance Venture, Investinor and Alden AS, the total amount invested into bMobilized is now at $4 million. The last investment was disclosed at $1.5 million and took place in April this year.

bMobilized has been around for more than two years and offers a cloud-based do-it-yourself technology to easily convert any website into a fully functional HTML5-enabled site. They even claim that the mobile site will have more functionality that the original.

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Ex-Rovio Team Gets Funding To Create A Game That "Will Live On For Decades"

Boomlagoon, a company formed by Antti Stén (Ex-Rovio Lead Server Architect) and Tuomas Erikoinen (Ex-Rovio Lead Game Artist, yes, he drew the Angry Birds) just received a round of funding by a rather impressive duo - Jari Ovaskainen and a seasoned games investor London Venture Partners, represented by David Gardner.

Ovaskainen was the founder of Iobox, which was sold to Telefonica for €215m while David Gardner is best known for being the former CEO of Atari, and EVP & COO of Electronic Arts. Notably, they both invested in Supercell as well.

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