What Can AI Startups Tell You About Your Website?

If the writing style of the posts at ArcticStartup.com would be processed and analyzed by an AI algorithm, what would be the outcome?  Read on and you will find out the answer and get an update about interesting Swedish startups that are using AI techniques to improve the automated understanding of the ever-growing web content out there. This is the future so be sure to get a grasp of the basics right now.

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Swedish Startups in the Valley

Saplo LogoSaplo's founder and CEO Mattias Tyrberg tipped us that Saplo, the Swedish semantic text processing technology firm, and a winner of Seedcamp, is going to participate in two VC events in California (previous coverage of Saplo). While in the area, Mattias and Fredrik Hörte from Saplo will also visit a few big firms like Google and Facebook, and look for other potential partners, customers, and investors.

The first event is Mini Seedcamp, which aims to give the startups a chance to meet face-to-face with the local startup and investor scene, and discuss anything from their product to investments. Seedcamp hopes to give the Valley folks better understanding of European startups, and show the participating European startups the US entrepreneurship culture in action, and help them connect with advisors and mentors.

ISA logoAnother event is organized by Invest in Sweden Agency North America (ISA). ISA has gathered a delegation of 20 Swedish early stage wireless, IT, electronics, and internet startups seeking risk capital, and takes them in front of some of the biggest VC firms in the US. The event takes place tomorrow November 11th in Menlo Park, CA. ISA is reporting to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and markets Sweden, its industry clusters, funds and individual businesses to North American companies and investors.

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Seedcamp 2008 Winners

Seedcamp winners have been announced just a few hours ago in London. This year 7 companies were picked for a 50k€ investment and a three month mentoring period. The winners this year are:

uberVU: Tracking comments on your social media content
Kyko: Casual gaming inside MSN / Live Messenger
Basekit - Make building complex webapplications easy.
Soup.io - Personal publishing on the web made easy
Toksta - Provide instant messaging systems for social networks
Mobclix - Iphone analytics
StupeFlix - Smart video slideshows from photographs

Via The Next Web

Neither Scred nor Saplo made it all the way to the winners' table this year, but I'm sure they have experienced a lot of valuable things that will take them far next year.

Edit: Here's TechCrunchUK's take on the Seedcamp 08 winners.

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Saplo's Feelings Before The Pitch To Investors

I chatted with Saplo's CEO, Mattias Tyrberg, this morning just before they were going to present to the investors at the Seedcamp final. Mattias told me that they were ready for the challenge. We will find out whether they made it and got the investment on Friday morning. Here's our previous coverage on Saplo. Good luck to the whole team.

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Scred's pitch at Seedcamp

I flew over to London to follow Scred and Saplo at Seedcamp. You can find previous coverage on the two startups here.

Here's Kristoffer Lawson, Head of Product at Scred, pitching for the packed room full of investors and startups on the first day.

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Saplo and Scred to Seedcamp Final

Saplo from Sweden and Scred from Finland have been selected to the Seedcamp finals among 22 other firms! Altogether the finalists companies come from 9 different countries.

The main event Seedcamp Week 2008 will kick of next week with Europe’s leading technologists, company founders, venture capitalists, and marketing strategists, including a lot of networking and sharing of experiences.


The agenda also includes panel sessions and one-on-one mentoring with some of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs, product developers, designers, marketers, investors, and company builders. In the panel will be big companies like Bebo, Facebook, MySQL, and Skype, and startups like MOO, Dopplr, and Netlog.

Congrats to all the finalists, and especially Saplo and Scred, and good luck for next week!

Our previous coverage on Saplo and Scred.

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Saplo's Intelligent Context Analysis in Seedcamp Test

Saplo is a new Swedish startup, which also got to the next round of Seedcamp. Tomorrow will tell if the company got to the final. The founder Mattias Tyrberg commented his plans and firm to Swedish press last week (another article).

Saplo has a software called AIAnalys, which according to Tyrberg can understand text in a similar way as humans do. It's based on intelligent context analysis, meaning the software can value information automatically. It allows to get rid of slow manual work and problems with subjective judgment, like individual bias and systematic errors, in analysing and evaluating different kinds of texts. The software also enables analyzing huge pieces of text, which may have been impractical before. According to Tyrberg this kind of a product is of interest in many different areas, like media analysis, advertising, and web site optimization to name a few obvious ones.

The main benefits are the product saves money and it enables potentially more revenues. For example, with the technology one can measure exactly how positive or negative a person or firm is covered in media, and the program can show a graph with a comparison to another person or firm. One can also optimize ads with AIAnalys. Saplo web pages state results up to 70 % higher ad revenue can be achieved through presenting the right ads to the right reader, as AIAnalys can understand the text and present suitable ads accordingly. The software can also be used to tweak the whole user experience on a website, to make the users stay longer on the site by displaying similar content, which the user is interested in.

According to Mattias Tyrberg the technology is unique, even though there are some competitors in the sector. Saplo's technology is based on several years of research, and Tyrberg's final thesis, which he doesn't want to turn in until the patent process allows for it. It seems there's potential for a financing round later on as well, since Tyrberg mentions he's especially looking forward to establishing risk financier contacts in London.

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