Scoopshot Placing More Focus on Stock Photos After $1.2M Round

Finland's Scoopshot now announces it has received $1.2 million (€920,000) funding from Yuri Arcurs, the world’s top selling stock photographer, who reportedly sells one photo every eight seconds. If you haven't seen our past coverage, Scoopshot provides an app that allows news organizations to source photos of events when they need them, getting rid of the need to send out a freelance photographer to every location.

As you may have guessed by the expertise of their financier, Scoopshot is also getting into the crowdsourced stock-photography game by placing a greater emphasis on sourcing photos for brands and content producers. The funding will be used mainly for marketing and sales purposes with a focus on the UK, US and German market.

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Scoopshot Expands Into Germany

Scoopshot is one of my favorite startups to watch in Finland. I'm a news junkie and it's a service that just seems like it should be plugged in everywhere. The concept is pretty simple. Scoopshot allows the crowdsourcing of photos or videos for news sources by allowing users to take photos of newsworthy events, like firemen putting out a fire, and then allowing journalists to buy those photos. On the flip side, journalists can ping users of a news event happening, and users can run to the event and take photos or videos to sell.

It's giving news sources the chance to compete with Twitter and other social media, where news pops up fast. The authenticity and rights issues becomes tricky when using unverified photos floating around on the internet, so Scoopshot adds value to the table worth paying for.

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Scoopshot Crowdsources Coldplay Music Video

Yesterday we talked about how Copenhagen-based Foap is crowdsourcing mobile photographers to take images for brands, and compared it to Helsinki-based Scoopshot. In yesterday's world, it seemed that Scoopshot was continuing to focus on crowdsourcing photography for breaking news, while Foap looked like it would take over the "extracurricular" space, but the market may be more crowded than that.

We received word that Scoopshot is being leveraged by Oxfam to crowdsource a music video for Coldplay, which suggests a more "general purpose" use for Scoopshot's platform.

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Scoopshot Makes Crowdsourced Photo Commissioning More Appealing To Professional Photographers

Crowdsourcing is more than a buzzword; generating content from a broad audience has been a disruptive force in number of industries. Scoopshot has been one of the bigger crowdsourcing player in the Nordic countries by allowing news agencies to request photos or video through an app, or to allow anyone to take a photo of something newsworthy they come across for news agencies to purchase. Nothing beats a nice camera, but it's a sign of how good smartphone cameras have gotten.

As an update to their standard web service, Scoopshot has paid out more than $300,000 to mobile photographers. Over 60 people have earned more than $1,000 by selling photos via the app, including one man has made more than $23,000. Scoopshot already has a solid network of publishing partners, including the Metro newspapers you find near your public transportation, MTV3 Finland, and others.

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Scoopshot Adds Video Support To Its News Photo Service

It what seems like a natural move for today's increasingly digital media, Helsinki-based Scoopshot has launched video support to its news photo crowdsourcing service. The app allows journalists to send alerts to smartphone users, who can arrive at a scene more quickly and cheaply than sending a professional photographer.

Users take photos and upload them through the app, and if their picture is selected they receive money through whoever requested the photos. The service is also designed for users to quickly pull up the app if they witness something newsworthy, so they can then sell the photo or video rights online. €172 000 has been transferred to amateur photographers though the site, with the leader earning over €11 000. A scoopshot user recently bought a car with his earnings, which he said he will help him get around to take more pictures.

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Scoopshot Getting International Traction With Impressive Figures

I've covered Scoopshot in the past as well and I've found the idea really intriguing - most possibly for its simplicity. The app helps media companies crowdsource images from their communities through the app. The media companies can either freely purchase images the community has taken or give more detailed tasks for the photographers on specific topics. We've learned of some very impressive numbers on traction the app has achieved.

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Scoopshot Signs Huge Deal With Metro International

Metro International, publisher of the free daily newspaper availible in over 100 cities across the world, has signed a co-operation deal with Scoopshot, a Helsinki-based news photo crowdsourcing service. This deal will allow readers to capture and sell their photos to Metro using Scoopshot's iPhone and Android apps. Scoopshot is owned by Helsink-based P2S Media Group.

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Scoopshot Revolutionizes Media Photography

Scoopshot is a service by a Helsinki, Finland based startup PS2 Media Group Inc that changes the way media companies work with photos. It's a lot said, but I'm willing to back it up as a person running a media company myself. In all simplicity, Scoopshot makes smartphone owners photographers for media companies. Users can take newsworthy photos and send them to the service through the Scoopshot mobile app and sell them at a set price. Journalists writing stories can purchase the photos at the price the photographer has set. If they wish to purchase the exclusive right to use the photo, they pay ten times the set price. I talked with Petri Rahja and Jussi Liimatainen about the service and what the company is up to.

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