Sony Expands Its Music Unlimited Service To Spotify's Backyard

Sony Entertainment Network today announced that it is expanding its Music Unlimited cloud-based digital music subscription service to countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Music Unlimited features a catalogue of over 12 million songs including "all major U.S. labels, leading independent labels, and major publishers worldwide." The service is designed to work on Bravia TV's, PS3s, PSPs, some Sony Walkmen, and as a desktop service. The basic subscription starts off at €4 and premium runs at €10 per month.

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Health Is A Massive Opportunity In Web And Design For Entrepreneurs

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Timo Ahopelto. He is an entrepreneur and founding partner at Lifeline Ventures.

Health is the only industry not transformed by Web. Health is 10% of our GDP. It is more important to us personally than we realize. It is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to apply what already works in social web, mobile and consumer electronics.

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Recoil Games Launches Rochard For PlayStation Network

Back in June, we wrote about Recoil Games receiving 400 000 euros in funding from Mediatonic. Last week, the results of their work are starting to show. Recoil Games released Rochard for Sony and their PlayStation Network. The game is a side-scrolling puzzle and exploration game that stars a space miner called John Rochard in search for extra-terrestrial life. The game features about 8 to 9 hours of game play.

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Spotify Sails Closer To US, Signs Deal With Sony

Europe’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify is finally edging closer to cross the ocean and land into the US market with rumors of it attempting to sign deals with major labels in the US market. Last week Peter Kafka hinted that it might have struck the cords with Sony US. This will be a distribution deal and wouldn’t necessarily steer clear Spotify to invade the US market.

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Angry Birds Coming Out For PS3 And PSP This Week

Sony has officially stated on their Playstation blog that Angry Birds will be launched for the Playstation 3 and PSP this week. We've previously published stories on Angry Birds being made available for other platforms such as Facebook and consoles. This week, however, Sony will launch Angry Birds for the PS3 and PSP as a Playstation Mini game.

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