VitalFields Pulls in €100,000 from TMT Investments

The sun is shining over VitalFields. TMT Investments announces it has put in a €100,000 convertible note giving Tallinn-based VitalFields a push into the new year to continue to develop their farm management solution. The company is run by CEO Martin Rand and CTO Vahur Meus.

Some of our readers may remember VitalFields by their old name, WeatherMe, when they participated in the pilot program of Estonia's Startup Wiseguys accelerator starting spring of 2012. As WeatherMe their focus was to provide accurate weather modeling for a certain location for anyone, with some focus on farmers, but as they've fleshed out the product they've moved closer to a comprehensive farm management solution.

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VitalFields Receives €250 000 To Keep Real Farms Watered And Fertilized

With all the farming games out there, it is about time that somebody addressed the real needs of real farmers and not the virtual ones. VitalFields, a start-up that was created at Garage48 hackathon is attempting to do just that.

The idea is that they will provide a very accurate weather forecast for individual farming fields and in addition to that, they will also give pest and disease warnings. If that wasn't enough, they are developing this into a real-life FarmVille by allowing Farmers to log and keep track of actions carried out on the fields.

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