Wine app Vivino hits milestone of 5 million users

Denmark's wine app, Vivino, has just hit the nice round milestone of 5 million users who are snapping pictures of their wine bottles to rank what they've drank. We've covered the company a few times in the past, but if you're just now hearing about them, the app uses computer vision to figure out what bottle and vintage of wine you're drinking, where you can rank it yourself and find more information and rankings about the wine.

Moving 5 million app downloads isn't bad, especially since users seem to be busy within the app. According to their about page statistics, users have made 13,391,897 ratings, and have done 3,488,092 written reviews.

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Vivino To Be Pre-Installed on Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches

I always wanted a watch that shoots lasers, but I'll settle for shooting wine from my wrists. Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and with it, Copenhagen-based Vivino could finally share the app they created for the new technology. The South Korean manufacturer selected Vivino to bring their smartphone app to people's wrists, which sounds like a cool use-case of both companies technologies.

Vivino's app allows users to take a picture of a wine bottle, and then uses some computer vision technology to match up the wine to Vivino's database, giving users information on the style of wine, ratings, and other fun things like letting you see on google maps where the wine is grown. Rather than helping you find new bottles of wine at the wine store, Vivino targets their app to help you remember your favorite vintages you're already tried. Theres a huge overlap of people interested in wine and people interested in new gadgets, which explains Samsung's enthusiasm to put Vivino pre-installed on all watches.

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Vivino Wine App Grabs $1 Million Series A Funding From Creandum

I'm sure a nice bottle of wine is getting opened in Copenhagen today. Vivino, the Danish wine app, has announced it has received $1 million in Series A funding from Creandum. Last year, the app received seed funding from SEED Capital and Skype co-founder Janus Friis.

Instead of focusing completely on wine discovery, Vivino takes the opposite direction to help you remember the bottles you've drank. That makes it sound like an app for alcoholics, but it really solves the problem when you really like the red you've had at your friend's party, but can't remember what it was the next day. To use the app, all you do is take a picture of the bottle and the image matching algorithm figures out everything about the bottle of wine - and even gives you a map view of where the winery is located. If you use the app discretely enough, you can come across as an expert.

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Vivino Scaling To Go Global Through Outsourcing

Editor's note: This post is part of a series of posts published in co-operation with Elance, the leading source of outsourcing talent in the world. Elance is also supporting our ArcticEvening Copenhagen on May 31st.

Vivino is Denmark-based startup that is looking to change the way people enjoy wine around the world. According to one of Vivino's investors, Niels Vejrup Carlsen of SEED Capital, the global wine market is four times that of the music industry and Vivino is aligned well to take on that market. The company raised a round earlier this year from SEED Capital in Denmark to go global with their new mobile app.

The new version of the mobile app allows users to get information and recommendations on almost any wine. The app already boasts a database of more than half a million bottles. The app is free and available for Android and iOS -based devices.

The Vivino app works so that once consuming a wine, you can take a photo of the bottle and then register it into your library, where you can rate it and remember it the next time. The website also has social extensions allowing you to follow the most savvy wine enthusiasts and see what they are enjoying. Each wine in the system is also ranked within the winery, region as well as globally.

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Vivino Helps You Remember And Rate Wines

Vivino has recently launched the second version of their wine app that allows users to get information and recommendations of almost any wine. Aside from providing database of around half a million bottles, the Danish startup has a pretty useful angle on the wine concept. The wines you most want to buy again are the ones you've already had -- like at a party or at a restaurant. You could rant and rave about a wine, but the next morning or a week later you've likely forgotten the name, or even if it was a red or white.

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